Blueberry and white widow


:+1: I’ll give it a read tomorrow. Thanks :blush:
Gotta go & walk some dogs before dark and pick up outside cat food. Stay well!



Look’n sweet my friend You can tag me if you want to I would like to follow your grow



No problem my friend, I think they are making a good start


Thanks for tagging me in. They sure do look happy!


Thanks, they are getting there bit by bit, have I tagged you on my current tent grow? In not I could if you’d like ,ifso then thanks for looking in on it


Please do. I enjoy chatting with you in any event Darren.


I started reading it last night but didn’t get very far. So far very interesting and I’m looking forward to reading the rest :blush::+1:


Here are the new white widow pictures

Here are the new blueberry pictures and she’s overtaken the white widow

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They are looking wonderful my friend :+1::hugs:


They look great, but i think they are getting close to being ready for transplant! @daz49


Yeah they are, i have tried fimming both of them and had to raise the light just today, maybe a week or so before transplant as I want to be sure there’s a decent amount of roots


What’s tge go with the tops of em


i fimmed them both 2 days ago


What do you mean by that soz I’ve never heard of it


Have you heard of topping?


Yes tiping toping yes


Well fimming is the same thing but instead of doing it cleanly ,make a little bit of a mess of it, and if you top it the 1 stem will divide into 2 and so on and so on, well when you fimm instead of dividing into 2 it will be 3 or 4 and then so on and so on


Really wow never heard of it I’m definitely giving it a go! It works good :blush:?? And how do i do it


Yeah it works well and like I said go as if you’re going to top it clean and then miss and get some of the leaves


Ok :ok_hand: cheers I’ll have a go when mine get bigger