Blueberry and white widow


Here are my 2 new girls, here they are in the light garden

Here is the blueberry

Here’s the white widow

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Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

2 very lovely lady’s.


Thanks very much, the blueberry had a rough start ,needed a little help out of her shell and only had 1 pea leaf, but she’s getting along really well now


That ww looks beautiful


Thanks i have 1 that’s about 6 week’s into flower and she’s not got reaching her full potential in my opinion since she’s a bit overcrowded as she’s 1 of 4 in there already, so I had start a new one off ready for the next grow


Yeah. When I get going I think I’ll stick with 2. I have the room for 4 but want to scrog them out to get there full potential


This one will be my 4th grow but only my 2nd multi plant grow as my first 2 grows were singles, I scrogged my first and I have half scrogged my 3rd grow, I’d now say ideal size would be scrogged totally and 2 plant’s, I only started growing in March how yourself


I need seeds. I jumped the gun and started growing before I had any good knowledge of it. I used the paper towel method and had them pop. Put them in soil and they started looking good then died. So I figured that I had better put the book time into it. My soil was to hot… so I’m waiting for seeds. I got laid off at work. I’m broke. A friend harvested his but didn’t find any seeds in his while trimming… so I wait.


Sorry to hear that my friend , I have lots of seeds I bought from Robert Bergman site, I had lots of trouble getting them starter at the beginning but have found a method that has a 100% success rate, I went on a spend binge with the seeds lol, I’m totally hooked with the growing I’m doing pretty well so far, I like to try new stuff with my grows that’s why I scrogged on my first grow and I got a pound from my first plant and I topped and fimmed her ,she was a durban poison


I just want to get 1 fully under my belt then go for some gold… so many strains! I want to adventually get a good mix in the med cabinet. Some for pain, headache. … ect. I did get some cbd oil for my mom’s MS. They have her off her MS meds because of a virus. And she feels that it is helping her with her mind and for energy and sleep! I’m so happy for her.


Yeah I do mine for medication and personal use, would you, I grew durban poison, then gold leaf, and now the 4 on the go that I have are a gold leaf clone, a super silver haze, a white widow and a strawberry kush, so I’m starting to rack them up, and now i have my 2 new girls on the go all ready for when the other’s finish,i was gonna tag you on my other thread but I see you’ve seen it already,i take the new pictures of those tomorrow, I’ll tag you if you like @suctionmed


Nice :+1:t2: and healthy gals you got there


Way to keep them going brother @daz49 how old are they now?


Thanks brother, didn’t you do a blueberry ? They broke ground on the 20th of September, gotta keep the grow going brother, thanks everyone for all your kind words


Very nice. I’m looking forward to watching your progress :blush:


Thanks @SmoknGranny , I’m really interested in this myself, specially the blueberry ,even more so because she was a very weak little girl but obviously I want them both to do well ,but I’m really pleased so far,has anyone else done the blueberry yet?


I haven’t & trying to remember who I saw growing blueberry🤔
I’m just finishing up my Widows now & my grow partner just finished harvesting her Purple Kush (outdoor both). I’m trying to decide on a Sativa strain for next spring.


My durban poison was an awsum full sativa to grow, I grew her inside and I’m told they are normally an outdoor plant, but she produced easily a pound of prime bud, did you see my first grow


I’ll check it out and thanks for the recommendation. I’m so tired right now I can’t remember if I read that post or not to be honest. I’m going to bookmark here to remind myself to look tomorrow :blush:
I have time to make a decision before needing to order for spring here.
Btw how are you feeling today?


It’s called : durban poison, first time grow