Blueberry and Gelat.O.G

This will be the grow journal I use.
Seeds put into rock-wool April 29th
Using Advanced nutrients 3-part+Great White and some other AN additives.
Mars hydro TS-1000
Grow space:2’6”x2’8”x7’~
DWC Hydroponics
Training: LST+SCROG
I will be posting pictures questions and anything on here. Feel free to ask questions and comment anything you might see.
This is only my second grow so I guess I’m a newbie but I have researched tons and am an avid YouTube user. This site is where most of my knowledge comes from.



Calmag is coming tomorrow gonna do res change tomorrow.

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Day 20: changed out one res other tomorrow I just added calmag to both and that should fix the leaves dying problem.
Other than the spots plants are looking healthy blueberry is still vibrant and growing fast starting to LST more for the tops so they stretch for more light away from main stalk.haven’t had to do much trimming all little growths are HUGE no point in removing it when it’s gonna become a big juicy bud.
Might trim big leaves to allow more light later this week

Also took down scrog net as I’m gonna be using it later in veg and it was in the way want the small plant to get bigger before I stretch it out

Day:21 some ph down to get to 6.09 light trimming on big plant to allow light into reach nodes.

Day 22: quick question about how long should it take for me to see the magnesium or calcium deficiency go away it is DWC and I added 2ml/l as instructed of sensi calmag xtra
The leaves are still turning rusty, dry and dying. Did the other res change yesterday too also washed all the brown off of the roots so they didn’t look so bad nice and white underneath. If anybody knows how long and sees Any problems I did not feel free to comment.


Day 23-24 I think I was having a little root rot problem. I washed the roots of both plants off and redirected some of my ac into my grow tent right onto the buckets. Water is staying around 66-70 F and I added great white as I forgot before. Both seem to no longer be getting any more leaf damage from the calmag deficiency. Blueberry is bushing up quickly and the Gelat.o.g is starting to look healthy. Any tips are appreciated.
Pics from day 24


All those tops will be nice nugs :blush:

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Day 27:
Looking great they stretched a bunch since I cooled the water. They seem happy and the Gelat.O.G is showing pistils. I can see a little preflower on blueberry but no pistils yet.
Did a big trim today to get rid or large leaves bigger than my palm and bottom 1/3 of loose leaves.

Day27: forgot to attach pictures.

Day 37
Day3 of flower light cycle
Flipped to flower and they are looking great

The smaller one is the Gelat.o.g and the huge bush is blueberry.

Day23 of flower. Looking beautiful blueberry has taken over and the Gelat og will be smaller but I hope she packs a punch.

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These are looking great, you are killing it! Look how perky those leaves are!

I can’t believe your thread isn’t blowing up, tag me anytime! Set to watch


Thanks man haven’t really been uploading much recently now that I have some good buds starting I’m prepared for some more spectators lol. @Sincitytoker I remember your grow I followed along with it for a while. Any tips for a fellow grower.


Your plants are looking great.
Keep up the good work.
Just watch your plants fir any signs.
They will let you know when something is wrong.
As long as they are happy (which they look happy) keep doing what your doing.
Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
@Bighead500 :love_you_gesture::call_me_hand::v::muscle:

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Day 29 of flower.
Starting to see trichomes
image no clue why they posted sideways.