Blueberry 9 weeks Fruitalicious!


Can we see the whole plant? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Welcome to the community :blush::v:

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I’ve got a Blueberry at 68 days/10 weeks. I’m giving the tricombes a serious check tomorrow.
I would love to see your whole blueberry too!

Nice trichomes. I love the blueberry. It seems to take the rain like a champion. That’s a great strain. Happy growing and nice to meet you @Sorceress.

Well I see it was @In2strings that made the post. Nice to meet you. @Sorceress my bad. I am sure I will get to know you too.

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Welcome @In2strings
Looks to me to be cloudy and amber on sugar leaves.

Hey everyone, nice to meet all of you too! Here is the pic of Ms Blueberry, in all of her glory!!


Ms blueberry has several more weeks before ready to harvest.

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