Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


I’m with Purp. Those bud sites should all develop with time. Patience is the hardest part of growing, eh? Believe me, I have the same problem! :roll_eyes: :rofl:


What does it mean when sugar leaves stack like that? Haven’t noticed the buds filling in yet (lol🙄) but those sugar leaves just keep on popping


@WonkaMan :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary: I went to adjust my timer to take the light down from 12 hours on to 10 hours on and saw SOMEONE accidentally hit some buttons and it’s apparently been running on about 14-15 hours light on for the past week or so. Whenever I started noticing the buds weren’t getting fatter. I’ve remedied the issue and hoping to see results soon :roll_eyes: think I’ll hit a dab now to diffuse my anger before the ignorant to growing hubby gets home. :triumph:

Here’s a pic of some frost to enjoy tho lol


They’ll start filling in soon. Also, switch them back and your plants should be fine. Just watch for any signs that it went hermie in the next week or two.


I hope they do :pleading_face: lol


What weeknof flower are you in??


When ur sugars start to stack i think its bud development time. Im only on my second grow so still learning stages too but yea. Those sugars go horizontally as the calyxes stack


about 3-4 weeks from first sign of preflowers


Sony our only really 2 solid weeks in. They have a lot of time to build.


Yup what :point_up:t5: Said


Sorry to hear that, @ExpertNoob. :grimacing: I’ve been there. (Most of us have.) And I was the inexeperienced husband who goofed up my timers during my grow. I knocked the switch from “timer” to “on” so my plants got a full 24 hours of light for 48 hours after they were in flower. But they were just fine, and I ended up with 20oz. of bud in jars. I’m guessing/hoping that the same will be true for your little girls. They are weeds, and want to do the same thing that we want them to do. 15 hours of light isn’t a whole lot for early fall, when they might be going into flower naturally. :crossed_fingers:


Short update noticed some curling sugar leaves so gave her a flush and took advantage of the absence of purple light to grab a few new pics. Adjusting well to the fixed light schedule, noticeably taller already :cowboy_hat_face:


Im sorry Ms Noob. But i believe she revegged on you… time to start that flowering clock back over… :pensive::pensive:

See all those 1 finger leaves coming from her buds? Each bud basically becomes a branch n u get a REAL BUSH. Can u stand a bit more stretch?


How do you know that??


Im SOOOOO sorry. This is what you meant. Looking at the photo its more noticable now. They lookd horizontal at first


@Familyman check all the new vegetative growth. Once u got that many budsites, new leaf growth practically stops.


Welp as long as she keeps growing, more times not a downer to me at this point :grin:. She’s been going since June as long as she finishes I’m satisfied with the grow :joy: and if she gets even bigger I’m cool with that too


Haha. Ur gonna have a little tree. Okay i JUST went thru this. Had a seed from june. Flowerd outside a bit, then brought her inside in October. She went frigging crazy. Think she singlehandedly almost killd my grow. So advice? Dont be gentle with pruning her new growth. Not all of it, but when u see it getting out of control. SNIP SNIP. Dont have to make her bald. But dont get greedy :wink:


What exactly should I trim? There’s plenty of space for it to grow


Ok two ways this could go.

Option A - Leave her on 12/12 she wont reveg too much worse then she already has. Harvest maybe tricky but im sure itll be higher yielding then if the timer never happened.

Or Option B - 16/8 her for another week or two to let that new growth mature a bit. Then flip her. Im pretty sure this would give u a huge (relatively) yield. But would require more trimming.

Both your gonna have to clip a few new branches that come from that original bud. Let me find a few photos…

Sept 30

Oct 15

Oct 30

Nov 18?

About a week later a few days into her stretch all supercropped out

She ended up withering in the middle. Was too dense. Instead of a couple ozs i got 40 grams… if only i had cleaned her more diligently. And believe me. I cleaned her. Just started after it was out of control