Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


@Budbrother shit man looking at your post I want to SCROG now


going strong


Jst readin and yes male the way I alway tell is if it has two hook that come out then male if you u go in my grows logs u will see same foto of wat I am sayin and well done blessd


Nice job bless


Is your blueberry an auto or photo??


Blueberrys photo


They look really good. I can’t wait to try my blueberry I have growing right now.


Looking good, @ExpertNoob! I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, but I’m glad to see that your plants have been doing well. Hopefully, they’ll be keeping you in good spirits in the new year!


Well… that escalated quickly :joy::joy: that BB looks good. She starting to smell herself yet? Doggone teenagers these days…


suuuper dank already I don’t use carbon filters lol


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You’ve been tagged.


Bigger and bigger everyday


Quick update. Lots of hairs still coming in & trichomes popping up on all the leaves.


Me neither.

Mom: ‘why do u always smell like weed’
Me: ‘its my cologne. Kush eu de Zone’


Yay a flowering gal


Some questions friends, if anyone has advice. My LST game is obviously not very proper, on top of all the other obstacles this plant has faced :grimacing: and the colas are not all even height. The biggest one showed the first pistils, but now it appears to have slowed down. Maybe I’m not seeing anything because I look at it several times a day but it seems all the Bud sites on the other colas are fattening up nice and already the size of popcorn while the biggest cola seems to still just be all pistil and no mass to it yet. Any ideas on why that is or suggestions to fix it? I got my meds from a caregiver last week and he moved the LED closer, about 6-8 inches above the pot & also told me the soil was way too wet so it’s been drying for a few days now and I’m kind of scared to water it again for risk of root rot other than that he said everything looked fine but why not ask the experts here :grinning: these first two pictures are so you can see the size of the other nugs in comparison

And here’s the cola I worry for


She is going to fill in nicely. Just give her a bit of time. Her nodes just have a bit of space. In a couple weeks u wont even notice tho. N that top bud will fatten. U see the sugar leaves stacking?


good to know I feel reassured & yeah I feel like I trimmed so many leaves all the ones left will be covered in trichs when she’s done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looks like that top fan is already getting a little frosty. Yup gonna be one yummy blueberry. :+1:t5: