Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


:+1:t3: I’m glad this is helping out my fellow growers :heart_eyes:
It always work! When in doubt toss it out - hermi
I’ve used this since it was in High Times years ago.


@ExpertNoob have you started anything new yet?


I re-started my blueberry! When I had this male growing, I was also trying a “flower from seed” and that one ended up being a female so I took a clone from it and regressed it back to the vegetative phase. It’s still rooting right now and I’ll plant it in about a week and post it up here!


Hey guys! Crazy story but I’m still working this same clone I told you all about after the first plant was a male. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to “re-start” the plant several times chopping all growth down to one node and recently repotted her. For a while she wasn’t growing, and for a while when testing a new soil I had so many fruit flies I couldn’t stand it and repotted her again. After repotting her I went to top her one last time again and accidentally (while stoned of course) cut off all but one node at the very bottom of my tree :woman_facepalming: Lol she’s been through a lot but still hanging in there. I also had a beautiful bag of purp I found a seed in a few days ago and popped it in the same pot. So here we are now. I have just topped the blueberry down to 2 nodes, purples just poking her sprout out. Still using ocean Forrest soil & nutes every 2 days.


Wild. Are you gonna scoop that seedling out of that pot while she’s still little? It’s pretty wild that your clone is still chugging along. The force is strong with her.


I couldn’t believe I accidentally chopped all the growth off! I thought it was dead and left it under the lamps for a week just to see if anything happened and luckily I didn’t destroy one node enough haha. I was just going to leave the othe sprout in the same pot and let them grow together unless that’s a bad idea? Here’s an update this morning


Well, I’m just a regular Noob. You’re the expert :wink:. But I’d think that with all the roots from that first plant in there, there wouldn’t really be enough room for a second plant to mature properly in that same pot. I think she’s be healthier in her own space. It’s not a huge deal right now, of course, but it’s also a lot easier to transplant a seedling than a vegging plant… especially if their roots get all intertwined. It’s your call, of course, and they are weeds. Good luck!


I didn’t even think about that, makes a lot of sense though that one already has such a large root mass I went up from a 3gal pot to I think either 5 or 7. Do you think it’s too soon to move it without stressing it out?


Sorry for not replying sooner. I got all wrapped up in the elections, and work. If you haven’t already, I’d go ahead and transplant that little girl. I hope all’s going well with the two of them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well @WonkaMan I decided to go ahead and just experiment and leave them together in the same pot :woozy_face: I’ve been feeding nutrients about every other day to combat a deficiency with one trying to take them all and they seem to be doing just fine! I’m all done topping now and going to let it just veg out until about Christmas. I’ll post some better pics next week when they’re a bit bigger and when the lamps have gone off! Cheers


:+1: They look like little bonsai trees! Good luck with the experiment. It will (I hope) be fun to watch! I’ll look forward to those pics without the blurples. Have a happy winter! :grinning:


Progress pics! I’ve been slacking on the nutrients apparently, I can see now in these pictures (lol) they’re looking a bit light so I’ll feed these ladies a lot this week and see how they’re going next week and if they’re ready to start flowering.


They live!!! Lol. I just lookd back n saw what u meant. Wow its crazy she not only still churning, but Thriving! Well done. :clap:t5::clap:t5:


crazy right!?! all this work these buds better be delicious lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Its not accurate. Js i have tried the perfect round volcano depressions and still got male plant. Thats why i ateered away from reg seeds. Because you never know


I agree with you here & I’ll definitley be double checking now every time to make sure my seeds are feminized


I found that that chart only works for the old, Mexi brick weed.


Started flowering! The clone is showing her hairs already & the bag seed is not showing any signs yet & as I was warned looks a lot lighter. I only added nutrients twice last week so I’m going to do every other day this week and give an update again shortly :grin:


Pistil party!!! :beers:


So the bag seed I found was a male! No worries pulled it right out before it had a chance to contaminate the blueberry.

She’s doing fine & adjusting to having a pot back to herself & I also did some lollipopping. More and more pistils popping up everyday, I’m getting really excited :star_struck::partying_face: