Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


It comes with a 3100k bulb. Will that work?


That’s the one I went with. But, I’m still gonna use my roleadro 400w cob for vegg. It has more blue to it and I get great node spacing, almost on top of each other. I don’t know why I do though, I always end up cutting half of them away


Unfortunate update time. Can anyone tell me if these look like the beginning of a male plant or just new growth? I just looked at AMS and only the autoflowering variation of this strain is feminized :pensive:. I just switched to flowering a little over a week ago.


Looks like male to me I would move that one away from others. But wait for more advice before you make a move


I was going to say it looks suspect of being male, but would wait to see what others think. Sorry about the luck


Sorry, but that is definitely a male. Kill it before he does damage to your females.


Well it was going great until it turned out to be a male! I have already germinated some more seeds and will try again. Here are some pics of it right before I toss it


It’s happened to the best of us. Keep your head up it was a beautiful plant. :v::+1:


Bummer. I’m sorry to see that @ExpertNoob. He was looking great. To bad he was a he. You did a great job.


That sucks. All that work. At least you gained some knowledge outta it


Sorry to see it was a male. I learned some thing here with you though. I thought all autos were females. i didn’t realize you could get males as well. That was a nice plant.


Autos are typically feminized but perhaps this plant went hermie. I don’t know if I would toss it - unless the contamination factor is accurate.


This was not an autoflowering strain what I meant was I bought the regular blueberry 420 seeds and only the blueberry 420 autoflowering ones were feminized


Thanks for the clarification. I know not all auto say female in some listings. I just thought all were and never paid any more attention to it. I have a hard time telling male from female in the early stages. I have had to get advise here as well. A lot of great people here.


I did the same thing purchasing these seeds! Completely forgot to make sure they were feminized. These little sacs have actually been there a few days I just thought it was new growth because I assumed I had purchased feminized ones lol bummer. I’m discouraged from even continuing this strain but I still have 6 seeds left so I think I’m going to let the next sprout stay in veg just long enjough to get a clone, then I’ll flower it and if it’s a female then I’ll let it flower and use the clone for my next mainlining attempt. Not gonna waste 4 months again training it first haha


I hear that. On my first grow. All 3 turned out to be male. 2 months gone there. I did get to learn a lot though. now i check to make sure they are female before starting them. Or at least have a better chance. I use this as a way to tell.


It’s not really a waste if you learned from the process - lighting, feeding, training, etc. but still must be disappointing. I know someone here had their plant hermie and just continued to grow it for the learning experience. I don’t think they had the contamination factor to deal with though. Best of luck to you on your next run :+1:t3:


I hope this chart works. I wanna pick up some of that regular Durban poison from ilgm. This would be really helpful


That really sucks, but here’s to many ladies in your future :+1:t4: Lol


I have a friend that says she has not gotten a male using it. I have used it to separate seeds but have not grown a photo to test it out yet.