Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


@Nug-bug thank you both! I was worried for a minute haha


It’s good we’ve all been there


What light cycle is she on? I read somewhere that shortening the “lights on” by an hour can help with that drooping. So if you are 18/6 you could go 17/7 or even 16/8 so she gets more beauty sleep :wink:


I’ve also heard they do this due to the light they droop allowing the inner nodes a chance at to chance for light, somewhere I read or saw that.


I think everyone else has you set, nothing I’d be alarmed about.


@dbrn32 Can you enlighten me on the differences between say 3000k/3500k/2700k for the QB boards, what does it mean?


have you any experience with HID lighting? I wasn’t able to purchase my qb on amazon before it sold out :disappointed: I see it still on the site you told me about for about $330 which I’m willing to invest but I’m also seeing stuff about the HID lighting being good too, I trust your opinion lol


@ExpertNoob, did you clear any fan leaves out or just tuck them?


I am a huge fan of defoliation lol. I’ve even started defoliating in the veg stage for this blueberry strain I have going now. Seems to be going fine, she pops up multiple smaller leaves in the same area the next day so she still has lots of leaves to absorb light but they are smaller and not covering budsites


That’s awesome, I think that’s what I need for mine.


@ExpertNoob What lights are you running?


HID’s are tried and true for growing, but they do put off quite a bit of heat. Depending on what size you gwt.


If you are wanting to switch from led to hid, I’d suggest looking into the 315w cmh grow lights. They put off less heat and put off a better spectrum. I just paid $190 off Amazon for mine


Right now I have a 1000w led on top and 300w led on the side. Those white widows I showed you earlier were both under a singe 1000w led


Perfect! Thank you!


@hornhead right now I had the double ended adjust a wings avenger with 1000w hps bulbs in my cart, about $270 for all of it, is it worth it and will it help with denser buds? Hps is HID right? Lol


1000w is more commercial size, if you choose to go mh/hps 600w is more than enough. But again, hid heat is much hotter than led


I found the 315w cmh light you told me about on amazon So I’m going with that one :grin::v:


What color temperature is the bulb you went with?


The difference in 2700k, 3000k, and 3500k color temps is pretty much just the ratio of blue light to red light the lamp puts off. It’s the same for fluorescent or just about any other light source that’s available in multiple cct.

We would usually consider the 2700k a flower only spectrum, while the 3000k and 3500k both good for seed to harvest growing.