Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


I’m starting to see more amber trichomes on the biggest tallest cola, and the rest are quickly going from clear to milky. I read somewhere sometime something about drilling a hole in the stem right at the end or something to increase stickiness?? If anyone knows anything can you tell me how to do it lol




Hi @ExpertNoob. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. Your grow is looking great. I did drill my stems in my last grow. Here’s the link to that post (not a lot of detail): Inch By Inch... Grow By Grow. (ILGM White Widow Fem). Good luck finishing up with the flush and finish! You’ll also want to plan for 48 hours of darkness before the chop. :star_struck:

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@blackthumbbetty does this to her plants. I put a stainless steel 3/16 skewer through the stock


Get a 1/8"-1/4" drill bit; if your stalk is thick, by all means use a bigger bit. Start just above the soil and drill a hole through the base of the stalk. Next, drill a 2nd hole just above and perpendicular to your first.

That’s it.

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Good to know. So far I have only done a few. but all have been females. I have 3 more in the tent I checked the same way right now. So I guess now I will have to see what I get. I only use the ones that are perfect circles. if they are iffy. I put them in a different bag. I will be flipping one of them in another week or 2 :grin:

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If you like autos will have to tag you into my journal :grin: As I top every thing. I prefer an even canopy. Plus you seem to get more dense buds quantity wise with topping. Or that is how it has worked for me. I mostly grow autos too. This was a big bud from my first grow. In my grow I am just starting. I will be topping multiple times. i topped my AB 4 times and she came out good.
I pln on showing how much you can get away with in my journal I just started :grin:

@ExpertNoob, that is a sweet plant you have grown. Very nice :+1:

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It’s been a week so here’s some new pics sorry they’re not that great I’ll get some good ones when I finally chop her, I saw a few amber trichomes on the top days ago but so far none are appearing anywhere else so I’m waiting to try the drilling in the stem, thanks for all the tips and instruction you guys rock :dancer:t2:


She’s looking great. You certainly don’t have to drill the stem. But if you do want to give it a try, I’d say she’s ready. You want to do that a week before chop, to give her time to pump some recovery fluids (with all the THC-goodness) up and around the holes and into the buds. The 48 hours of darkness at the end is a quicker (and similarly dubious-and-sworn-by) method of quickly getting them to pump some last bits of nutrients into the buds. :+1::muscle::clap:: Great job!!


I’m so happy lol my harvests before I found this forum were all :-1: I’m still shook at how these are coming out hopefully I don’t mess them up with the dry and cure. & this drilling into the stem


Hard to mess up from here … now dry amd cure that’s a whole nother story that’s a whole nother art that needs practice as well as growing you need to know if your plants are drying too fast if they’re trying to slow you might get right you know it’s crazy how much goes into this up to this point then you have to think of these ripening process

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@fano_man Last time I had the issue of drying too fast but those buds were super super super larfy and I trimmed them while still wet… I took a screen shot of the advice @tanlover442 gave you about burping and open air drying in one of your threads and I’m hoping these turn out better


Yea you got density that will be tough to dry to quick but a real dry day or air can "hay"you up fast if it happens you can throw some lettuce with a napkin to rehydrate for like an hour check often but the moisture will transfer to the dry buds when I used to sell alot of regs way back k used to put orange and lemon peel to add a lil pizzazz lol


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I did use lettuce last time too to rehydrate can I try blueberries since it’s blueberry lol


Blueberrys might die your bud purple lol…it dont come out of anything else lol

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Progress pics! She’s still going strong. I have no idea how much time is left. Haven’t seen any more amber trichomes pop up since the first few and I’ve already begun the flush. Hope she’s done next week before I go to Florida and have to have someone else harvest for me!


You gotta be getting close looks yummy


There the peas are congratz you made it… now watch them trics and :hocho:

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Did you make it?! I assume you’re down south now. Are the buds hanging to dry, and were you able to do the chop yourself?

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Where in florida you goiiinnn I’m in ft Lauderdale hit me upppp I got you

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