Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


K.i.s.s. (keep it simple …scholar :wink:)


No really tho @Familyman your deep into the mega crop that’s cool that it’s cheap as hell and made for cannabis


I love it. No more routine flushing.


Speaking of flushing I got to open my flawless finish today and the flush has begun…its amazing I had 12 plants total… 6 got knocked off by the landlord had homeboy come through and grab em and put them outside 4 weeks ago so they began flowering that day so I through the other few in with the mainline films and topped girls this round was all started as an experiment seeing how small of a peice of plant with how small of a peice of rock wool I could get roots in I was using 1 quarter of a rockwool cylinder I would leave it one and a half inch long and cut the circle into 4 pieces and wedge it in between two Dixie cups it was also to see how little of plant matter I could use it’s in my journal you could see I used one leaf with one little piece of stem maybe an inch and a half long and maybe a 1 inch leaf look at her now


Wow :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Starting to see more and more purple!


Soo excited by the progress. They’re getting bigger and more purple :grin::grin::grin:


Those are beauties. You’ll be very happy. I see the new light is working out for you!!


They feel heavy! Exactly what I was missing last grow. The branches are starting to sag. I really can’t wait for this to hurry and finish just so I can start fresh again with everything I’ve learned from this grow


You will be very successful because you use the most important tool when growing. Your ears.


Awsome colors how she smell?


Ya know, I’m not sure if it’s because I have a curtain up now on the other side of the plant or if it’s just this strain but this one is very light, still fragrant, but I have to be like next to it to really smell it. Idk I smoke all day lol so maybe that’s why I can’t really smell it, also the room is kept pretty cool


Hey guys do I keep feeding the calmag to the end of stop it when I do my flush too? I’m not sure how to tell if it’s getting close but I haven’t added nutrients in over a week besides the cal mag because some of the leaves still look clawed. I feel like I’m starting to see 2-3 little specs of amber when I’m checking trichs


Stop the cal mag when you start the flush. Cal mag usually has small amounts of N.


I think mags ok till end because flawless finish wich is AN flush finisher has magnesium in it and that’s supposed to keep leaves green till the end to maximize photosynthesis all the way through the flush instead of plain tap your plant is starving and losing color in leaves robs your plant of a last last week of fattening …the magnesium is chalated and chalated means it’s a open ion and easily attached to other molecules to help pull up to 85% off ppms out of plants beforw harvest opposed to plain tap which the plant is essentially devouring all availible nutrients left but the plant browns and u lose leaves so you loose photosynthesis


@Familyman @fano_man I’m torn here lol idk what to do you both sound right


Mag is not cal mag so there other forms of magnesium without other nutes


If you dont have a chalated magnesium product slf 100 or plain tap will work it has for decades but next run grab some flawless finish its dirt cheap check it out ny advanced nutrients


Epsom salts is also magnesium and used by a lot of grower thru the entire grow


Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate I’ve read many times from many sources the Epsom salt is for plants like miricle grow is for humans but then again I hear ppl that swear by it …but all I know I used just Epsom salt and water and it did was saltwater does to humans it dried them out and everything retracted and clawed up over night at week 5 and a half of flower I’ll never touch Epsom salts again that plus botrytis that screwed my whole quality and quantity all in one