Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


@Stoney1 Just found some on amazon for 7.99 thanks for the tip didn’t know what it was called!


I wouldn’t dim it for flower. Next round when you veg you can.


FamilyMan’s got you covered. You want it as bright as possible for buds. For young, new growth in early veg you should dim it. Keep on rockin’.


Guys how often should I feed the calmag? Should I add it to just the phd tap water or my nutrient mix too? Should I be using it every watering orrrrr … lol still bright bright green leaves with what seems to be no change even with the qb


Every watering.


thank you!!


Anytime. Glad you like the new light.


This stage cal mag cal mag cal mag my mainlines cant get enough literally well maybe there just recovering from potassium but you should have did a day or 2 of dimmer first then cranked the QB because it’s more intense then anything you had before by far the delivery of the intensity is different then hps it’s weird less is more if that makes sence amperage wise


Better to have multiple boards turned down much higher umol per joul… QBs are a whole new world lots or questions to ask ull see



I see the lights are working!!


ecstatic over here!


Wish you would have got them sooner??


ooooooh yeah! I spent more on all 3 Amazon blurples total than this 1 cost


We’ve all been there dear. You know now and that’s what matters. What nutes? Also, she ain’t the prettiest girl but those buds are looking amazing. Kinda like an ugly chick with a nice set of …:rofl:


You’ve done a great job and I’m sure your next grow will be even better.


I’ve been using fox farm but I’m ready to move on to the “more advanced” stuff lol


Try mega crop


Mega crop I’d say is more basic then fox farm…its so simple


But it works so well.