Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


The last month of flower is a drag. Feels like nothing is happening.


Bssss last month of flower is the best that frost gets owe so gooeye oooey and it startes to real smell daaank and you can get an idea what your gonna dealing with


lights in! Also got my calmag today! I’ll take more pics on Friday hopefully we see some improvement by then


what the hell there’s no assembly instructions


Did they put it together for you or did you get the kit unassembled? Do you have to attach the LEDs and driver to the heatsink? When I got mine, it was pretty much put together, except for the hanger wires.


There’s a video on there website or youtube


Found a video on YouTube. She looks so different under this light! Hoping the new board & the calmag (& me beginning phing everything lol) will help her out


Your set now girl! You can see so much more now. Once you build them you’ll never forget how. You’ll be very happy with your purchase.


I already want to get another one and put another plant behind this one on the next grow :sweat_smile: I just ordered some Pineapple Express seeds and I’m READY to start from the beginning again lol


Excellent! Have fun with the new board, Expert! Those buds should fatten up and finish off nicely, now. :star_struck:


I have some of those seeds in my collection. Hopefully I get to grow them soon. Lmk when you drop them and maybe we could grow them at the same time.


I’m going to as soon as this one comes down! Are you going to scrog?


Nope. I experimented with topping or just letting autos go natural and the natural one is winning big time


Wow they’re beautiful! Only tried it on autos tho? The seeds I got were just feminized I didn’t even know you could do that with autos lol


Oh. I thought Pineapple Express was the auto version of pineapple chunk


I think scrogging is a great idea… just my opinion.

I don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but we’re not suppose to link out to non-ILGM seed banks on this forum, eh. Sorry.


thx for telling me


Someone give this man a badge… smh… any other rules brokes wonka?


For those that use the qbs how do you know when you should dim it? I didn’t touch it and just turned it on straight out the box as is


Doing my first mainline as well,almost at same stage as you. Bought 2 sheets mylar for $10 that helped me a lot. Good Luck