Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


Alright didn’t see any QBs and didn’t want the LEDs I saw so I’m ordering online, I did purchase a PH pen and up/down kit. The run off was 6.7 soooo I left it thinking it’s close enough to 6.5 I really needed to just add the nutrients quick so she’ll keep growing. After I mixed the nutrients I tested it and ph was 5.0 so I used ph Up until it hit 6.5 and then I fed her. Hopefully she’ll look better in a few days


You’ll love that quantum board.


I have 4 of these and love them. Very easy to assemble too.


Do your self and get that light you will never be worried if light is adequete


@fano_man yup this is why I didn’t buy any of the LEDs in the shop because I had no knowledge of them and everyone on here has been raving about these QBs lol. The ones he had looked like the same ones I got from Amazon and he couldn’t really give me much information maybe I was wording my question wrong or he just didn’t know what amazon blurples were


I was going to get the pre assembled maybe I’ll save myself a few bucks haha. Is 1 board good for 1 plant or can 2 fit under it and still grow well? I’m going to top and scrog next grow so I was thinking 1 would take the whole space


Did too many dabs last night and fell asleep without purchasing the lamp but I just put my order in. Anyone know how long it takes to ship usually?


A 135 will veg a 3x3 and flower a 2x2.


Do you think it’ll help what’s left of my plant if it gets here soon? I’m hoping it’s shipped today since I placed my order early


Yes for sure.


HLG is really good about shipping. Where are you located??


They are based In Eastern Tennessee and I’m in southern Illinois and it’s 2 days to get here on average.


I just read that in their reviews lol I’m in Maine. Hopefully I get some shipping confirmation later today.
Here’s an update this morning (any suggestions welcome lol)


Couple of orange pistils but all the trichs under the scope are still crystal clear


Hope it gets here soon. The nutrients have been helping I can already see, I’ll post more pictures after the new light is here.


I would start upping cal mag ASAP. It will be the first deficiency you will see with the QBs


Lights been shipped will be here Saturday :tada::tada::tada:


Yes, when I saw those pictures, I thought CalMag also. What kind of water are you using, tap or RO/distilled water?

And I also have the QB 135s, two of them in my 2 x 4 tent, and they are wonderful. You can veg two plants under one, until they get big, but you can only really flower one plant under one of those lights. But it is a fantastic light. You will not be disappointed.


I’m using water straight from the tap and I just started PHing it lol. I am out searching for cal mag right now thanks guys


With tap water, they should have been getting some CalMag, but in flower, they do eat up a lot. You’ll be good once you get that on board. The plant looks great. I don’t think it’s really stalled. It probably just feels that way. Good luck!