Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


ooooh yeah, love smelling my fingers after touching her :grin:


Awesome. How about feeding regiment? Switchd nutes i take it


Giggidy giggidy


yes following the fox farm feeding schedule for flowering, about twice a week. I’m definitely going to invest in a PH meter next grow and learn how to use it :unamused: lol


Its an invaluable tool to have in your arsenal. Check out the Apera 20. Bout $40 but it took my skills to a new atmosphere. Ppm/tds/ec pen is also hella helpful. But the understanding n controlling pH is an absolute gamechanger.


thanks I’ll look for that one! I’d rather spend more up front and have a good harvest than go cheap anyway. Learned my lesson with the amazon blurples lol


Go with HLG quatum boards…everbody here raves about them. With your budget, it’ll definitely put you in the game. Happy Growin!!


Hey i dont know how im havent seen this journal before nice bush lady i like a good mainline myself

Uploading: 20190204_182923.jpg… 30 days from flip


How many daysbu in 12 12


Should the leaves already be turning yellowish? It’s a few close to the top. Or do you think that means my light is too close?


About 30 days in 12/12 I feel like they’re not really filling in though I’ve been warned the reveg process is a bit different. I’m ready to be done with this one and start over lol


Be patient. You still have another month for them to grow.


:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: I still can’t wait for this one to be done lol. Next one will be under a qb from start to finish and I’ll use a scrog and ph meter :woman_scientist:


Possibly. U gotta photo? Sorry im late


Well u look look just like mine im at about 34 and h loook similar


Last few weeds she swells if the buds fill out verticilly you will get horizontal growth last few weeks


The last couple weeks are a little like the first few. It feels excruciatingly slow, but at least you have something to look at - and smell. Enjoy the final weeks to chop, @ExpertNoob.


She appears to be adding weight again & I’ve moved the lamp back about 2-3 inches. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::sun_with_face:


Long haul babyyy weight gainin time


she’s at a stand still again :weary: the leaves almost all have turned bright green so I’m thinking it’s got a bit of a nitrogen deficiency. I will post pictures shortly. I was going to wait to buy new equipment for the next grow but I’m headed out to some shops today to try and find new nutrients, a ph reader, and hopefully lighting. otherwise I’ll be purchasing this lamp before tonight and hope like hell it gets here in time to help a bit.

I’m prepared for the worst lol but excited to get new stuff and have a better go around next time!