Blueberry 420 mainlined. Beginner grower


I’m gonna go ahead and go with the switching back to 16/8 for the relatively huge yield lol. Keep me updated on what to trim & I’ll follow your direction :raised_hands:t3: I am excited to see how big it gets!


Whoops :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: no one saw that :joy::joy: damn iphone


I think you’re safe and no one did actually see whatever you’re referring to lol but Thanks for those pics! I’ll post updated pictures regularly so you can let me know if I’m trimming enough


Gotcha :+1:t5: And i was pretty quick. Wasnt the pic but u know how it shows the pics before and after?


Alright I changed my mind and left her in flowering because I’m ready to pop a new seed and I’ve seen 0 movement in the last 3 days. Are the nugs supposed to be growing again or are new branches going to pop out? When should I worry about it being dead? Can it die from that? Lol


It’s not going to die but your flowering will be delayed by a few weeks. From what I understand, the process has to start over.


Makes sense! Thanks for the reassurance


Yup it starts it over. Probably a wise move tp just let her flower n take it from the top :+1:t5:


I have a GSCx doing this. I’m in day2 of flower just used LST and spread open stopped once I put into flower. My GSCx sprouted in October went into flower as a baby. I removed from outdoors and put her under 16/8 with other sprouts and I miraculously timed it so she balanced out in maturity as a monster cropper to catch the seed sprouts. When you flip plants from flower back to veg. You need to add another 3-4 weeks for change to occur. Another 3-4 weeks for plant to begin full vegetative growth again. So 6-8 week time loss when either monster cropping or heavy pruning. Tag me into yours and check mine out. Good luck & let’s grow together


wow thanks for the info! I’ve def been checking daily for any progress wondering when she was going to get moving again, tag me into yours


hmmm maybe I’m crazy but the buds appear to be getting fatter again :eyes:


I see a bug though uhhh ohhhh.


Looks like a pecker gnat


@familyman :joy: I do see gnats occasionally


quick update she’s putting some weight on


She lives!!! I was thinking about u yesterday :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy: couldnt remember the name of your journal :man_facepalming:t5: Happy to see her swelling on up for you though. :+1:t5:


Be patient give her time & remember from revegatative state back into flower pushes her back 1 month. But she will show you something good. Just feed watch water and wait. Monitor close because this type of stress will not hermie her but she will mature to make seed quickly


I believe she went right back into flower after finding out what happened. But they do indeed mature faster (mine did at least)


i think she went right back into flower too! Oddly enough it seems the flower sites on the bottom of the plant are the biggest :face_with_monocle:


That will change as she matures. Something about plant hormones, auxin n sciencey stuff :joy::joy:. Gettin sticky yet?