Blueberries - when to harvest?

I planted the seedlings for these on 4th February 2021 (southern hemisphere, so summer). They are now about 12 weeks old. These started flowering on 7th March and they look so different to what I am used to. I haven’t a clue how ready these are, so would really appreciate opinions, thanks.



@itspmm Im not the expert but to me what I see is that they are not ready yet…How many weeks have they been in “flower”? ( A pic from a few feet back so we could see the whole plant would help, Also I like seeing the Ladybug…They are beneficial,they eat white flies and aphids…which unfortunately I think I see on your plants,sorry… :pleading_face: Edit: oops re-read time frame of flowering

Need pics of trics under white light.

Thanks for the image. I’ll take a closer look at them all again. A couple is only 30cm in height with one other being twice that. Admit I’m surprised they haven’t grown more, but as a very first grow outdoors in pots, it is all an experiment.

@itspmm Thats the spirit!! It is “all an experiment” @ times.No one was born knowing how to grow ,Its all about trial and error…Hell I get pissed when one of my tomatoes or petunias go wonky… :hot_face: With MJ its even more of a pisser though cause of the $$$$ and time put in But the benefits/reward of growing and smoking your own far out weighs all the negative that sometimes happens
Good Luck!!

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