Blue widow hydro grow

Bout out of room in my grow tent, how much bigger is she gna get when I switch her to flower?

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Probably quite a bit. You should probably get her flowering soon. When transition is complete you can probably look at how your lights are hanging and reconfigure that to get a little more room.

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Yeah I’m thinking she’s gna double in Size…but thanks…

Shld I trim off some of the fan leaves?

@Hallboy Leave the leaves and do some low stress training to keep her shorter. I would flip to flowering sooner than later.

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I’m goin to this weekend…I’ve been reading and I’m thinking bout doing like 24 hrs of darkness before the switch…think it’s a good idea?

What are you growing? Appears to be indica dominent. Check the breeder info. You can expect it to at least double in size but probably not more, being indica.

Some people do the 24 hr dark before. Not me, but some people do it.

@Hallboy I personally do not see the benefit of the extra darkness. I just change the light schedule and go for it. Your grow may vary.

@Hallboy You will run out of vertical space. Unless, you start flip ASAP and start LST
Wait a little, concentrate on LST. Get the girls going in the right direction, then start trimming slowly. A few leaves a day will not shock the plant.
Would be good to measure the vertical space if you move the lights up high as possible…too see what you have to work with.
Some people give long darkness then go into flip. I don’t. Some do. Up to you.

It’s a blue widow…I’m gna flip light schedule tomorrow…honestly didn’t mean for it to get that big…but I’m gna move my lights up and let her roll I guess…thanks for all the advice…