Blue Spectrum Lighting?

Hey guys! :grin:

I am looking to add some blue spectrum to my system.

I am currently running a HLG 550 Rspec & would like the added blue spectrum during veg, instead of forking out for a 550 BSpec I thought maybe I could just add some supplement lighting?
Scouting the net I can’t really find anything that fits my needs…
Any suggestions guys?

Many thanks in advance.

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Willing to bet your LED’s emit that spectrum already, the difference is it’s not visible to you. You can add more blue, but your LED’s already emit it.

I supplemented this last grow with these.

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Hey @Covertgrower I hope you’re well. :grin:

& yes you’re right the HLG 550 Rspec I’m running does emit blue spectrum up to 0.6 relative intensity.
Where is the BSpec version they offer reaches 0.8 relative intensity & raises the whole spectrum from 400-500 Wavelength (NM)
But for the amount of increase in blue spectrum I can’t comprehend buying a whole new Bspec board.

The reason I am wanting to increase my blue spectrum is that study shows it shortens node spacing.
Therefore I was wondering if a light that gives out purely blue spectrum added to the light of my Rspec board could help me achieve that.

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Yes it would.


This is how I added the blue to the Rspec. They seemed to respond very well. these pics are about 30 days apart.


@Stonedrus nice setup there bro! :grin:
how much are you pulling per plant on average? My guess is around 1.5P per plant?

yes, give or take.

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