Blue Planet Nutrients Feed Chart for Autos

Greetings Forum Folk!
Inching closer to beginning an indoor grow using Blue Planet nutes. The only feed charts I can find are for photos.
Anyone have any experience with these? Any knowledge of an alternate feed schedule for autos? Guessing I can use the same schedule as photos and simply reduce dosages. :man_shrugging:t3:
Going to be growing in FF HF & OF. I plan on using the Elite 3 part/high yield nutes.
Thanks for any info, and/or insights! :peace_symbol:

I use the same schedule for my Photos as I do my Autos. I haven’t heard any company cater nutrients for Autos. It my eyes it makes no difference.

I use only Fox Farms. This plant I just pulled today at 5:05pm was only feed 1 gallon back in December.

She is frosty as good as the ones I used nutrients start to finish.

Ok. Thanks! This will be my 1st grow not using P4P Soil. Was given these nutes so why not use…?
I’ll follow schedule for photos.
Thanks again!

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You are welcome. I’d use them to as long as its not harmful to cannabis plants.

You could always treat the nutrients at say 1/4 dose for a week and see how the plant responds. Just ease them into it. :+1:

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Good advice.

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