Blue Mystic Grow from Seed

What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed: Blue Mystic, feminized (Indica)

• Method: Fox Farms Happy Frog, vermiculite(20%), perlite (25%), worm casings (5%), biochar (5%), and peat moss (30%).

• Vessels: 5 gallon pickle buckets

• PH of Water, distilled and PH to 6.5.

• Indoor growing

• Light system: Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt XL Quantum Board LED Kit V2 Rspec

• Temps: Day, Night 74/66

• Humidity: Min/Max: 50/63%

• Ventilation system: 1,900 CFM fan room exhaust (3 cu. ft. fan) and a 6" AC Infinity carbon scrubber

• AC, heat, Humidifier,

• Co2: No

• Current grow stage: Seed dropped in moistened soil 15 hours ago

• Hours of light/dark: 24/0

Current # of plants: 1

Grow room size: 5x5x7

I’m growing the family, adding more lighting and more plants. I will probably drop seed every 6 to 8 weeks going forward. Right now my grow room is a closet, but that will change next week. I have a 4x4 veg tent coming and a 5x5 flowering tent coming.

I make hash from my product, so a steady stream of wet bud is what I need.


@FlxerPower, tuned in and set to watching :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Love the hash pic awesome!


I planted only 1 Blue Mystic seed, but I have Durban Poison seeds coming and will plant 3 or 4 since I don’t have any sativa at this point. I will track them in this grow diary too.

I’m mixing up a soil recipe today.

Fox Farms Happy Frog (it’s not very hot)
Some soil acidifer
Worm casings
Peat moss


This is gonna be great! Watching! :slight_smile:

My Blue Mystic Seed hasn’t popped yet, but construction has begun. 2.5’x2.5’x3.5’.

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My feminized Blue Mystic popped out of soil today. I’d put a pic of the seedling up, but it has just come through and you can’t distinguish the seedling from the perlite around it at this point. I’ll post a photo in the next day or two.

It’s also day one of my tent. A 5x5 Gorilla. In the pic there are 4 young plants (some kind of indica) from bag seed, a clone from a topping I cut from one of the plants, and the new seedling is in the Solo cup.

I’ve got 2 6" fans for airflow within the tent (to be improved,) a 10" fan blowing external air in from one of the lower 10 ports to keep the temps down, and a 6" AC Infinity carbon scrubber.

The goal is to flower the single Blue Mystic (indica,) a sole Durban Poison (a sativa, I should have seeds this week,) and one of the plants from bag seed. The clone is just an experiment since I’ve never cloned a plant before.


Blue Mystic day 3.


Soon she will be outta control

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Day 5.

Not much growth aside from widening of the first set of leaves, but still looking healthy.

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My Durban Poison seed order from Black Friday shipped and will be here on Thursday.


Nice, that’s what’s in my bowl right now.

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She’s grown wings and started accelerating growth.

I’ve moved this Blue Mystic to a veg tent I set up the other day. I’ll use my other tent to flower (starting today) the other 4 plants I have.

There’s a Durban Poison cup there too. I dropped the seed yesterday.


Looking good my brother :+1::+1::+1:. Soon your tent will be exploding with buds :v:

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Ms. Blue Mystic is doing just fine and has developed her 1st 3 leaf group.

Ms. Durban Poison also popped this week and is doing well too. She looks a little strange, but she’s coming around and will be fine.


Off and running to a good start my brother :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:

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Ms. Blue Mystic is doing just fine on her 2nd week birthday.

Ms. Durban Poison got a new home for her 1 week birthday. I buried her almost up to her 1st node, as managing the height of this 100% sativa will be important.


Ms. Blue Mystic is doing fantastic, with 3 nodes developed and the 4th coming on strong. I will top back down to the 3rd node once enough has developed above it such that I can leave an inch of nub on it when I do top. That will probably be in another week.

I’ve already trimmed the leaves off of her first node.

She does have one small problem. She’s growing as flat as a pancake. I tried to get a photo that captures her flatness. The 3 nodes are currently only millimeters apart at most. I’ll back the light off a bit to encourage her to grow vertically.

Ms. Durban Poison is my coveted sativa and she is doing fabulous too. She is growing squat too, so backing the light off of her too will help some as well.


The young ones are doing great. Growth slowed a bit this week and they are probably putting down more roots at this point.

I’ve introduced seed sprout tea and silica this morning, and they each got 200 milliliters of it in distilled water.

The durban poison is on the left and the blue mystic on the right.


My young ladies have really accelerated growth this week and I couldn’t be happier with them. The durban poison (left) is a week younger that the blue mystic (right,) but has overtaken the indica blue mystic in height as expected. It is a sativa and will be taller.

![9 Jan 2020 (2)|690x460]

Closer view of Ms. Blue Mystic. The new growth in the center is the 2 new mains following a topping above the 4th node. You can see that I’ve been trimming her as she grows to focus the plant’s energy on the new growth as much as possible.

Ms. Durban Poison is doing famously too, and is putting up her 4th node. I will top her within the next week or 2 as well.

Maintaining temperatures in the low 70’s (F) and humidity at +60%. They are getting 20 hours of light per day. I am slowly extending the light cycle to 18 and won’t actually reach 18 until after the next, and last, transplant. I do so to help manage the plants’ height. It helps. The indica grew as flat as a pancake until this most recent growth spurt and for a while had less than one inch spacing between nodes.

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