Blue Haze Grow...also my 3rd grow

Mine is starting to stretch, it’s doing really good

the last one I grew stretched fast real fast be prepared my friend the branches on that plant 40" to52" long it was a wild ride…taught me a lesson :upside_down_face:

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oh forgot the important part…awsome bud at the end :herb:


That’s what I’m hoping


@Big123 Hows things going?

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I’m great, just getting an auto grow going here:


@Big123 in your simple personal opinion.whats the chance of a Fem TW grown in not so desirable conditions for 9 weeks being a male…

Here we are @ day 47 2nd week of flower got her shaped for the net now its time for

:herb: @MyHd @Noctis420 @Nicky @Big123


She’s healthy, just short and bushy.
Probably due to early on issues. Hopefully she buds up nicely.
What’s the ins and outs? Highs and low’s temp humidity etc are you learning about VPD? I have a VPD chart in my grow room it’s handy.

Ph may have been an issue early on to.


@Nicky next weekend i’ll have a TW plant to salvage…LOL

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How big is that pot? Lol

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@Nicky 20 gal. cant find a dumd AS* emo…lol


@Nicky the upside I water every other day

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I’m so used to 5 gallon pots it’s hard to think of a 20g pot haha.

Ohh I have a 7 and I can’t fit it into my autopots so back to the 5 this weekend.
I want to grow outdoors in a 20g pot that way one shouldn’t have to feed nutes I would think on an auto


there wont be no more of this I dont have that much time MISTAKE 101

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That’s a broad statement, to rule out nutes Durring an outdoor grow.

Maybe if your growing photos in a decent soil with lots of sunlight.
I plan to run large fabric pots above ground in a green house growing autos. But I’m in Canadian prairies

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YEP your rite!!!

@Nicky SORRY :wink:

Don’t be sorry, all good just different grows all around the world.

@Nicky This forum is really nice meet different people share experiences agree to disagree accept mistakes give advice…NICE FORUM GREAT PEOPLE

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