Blue dreams hydroponics

The general hydroponic flora trio is what I use for past 6-7 grows. Thinking of giving advanced nutrients ph perfect a try. Or dyna-gro


If you use GH this will help, helps me with my math

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Buy the set that gives you a 1oz rapid start. its the same price. I use 4or 5 drops for about 2 gals in my seedling/cloner when I start feeding them" Seems like it makes the roots grow X2 as fast"

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Ahahah, Noctis420 Im so glad I opened that topic before ordering the 4feet tall box seeing that picture!

So the good news is… my shopping list is ready!
It adds up fast but for about the same price of the initial box I wanted im gonna have so much more space and quality! Thank you so much for all your advices!

Other good news… i received my seeds today!! It s getting real!

I just found two of these in my garage, could I use this for the vegetative stage and then switch for 2 600W, One over each plant?
If I start the seeds now when do they need to be placed under leds and in tent. Im heading to your journal now


I’m not sure how many watts those are but you can put the lights on right away or wait. It’s up to you. I always put my lights on to keep the tent warm and my seeds always sprout.


I’m not seeing anything except replaced 50w hid.

Got it! So how do we use this rapid start? What are those number written on top of each bottle?

I just put about 5 drops in my seedling-starters nutrient water. helps the roots