Blue Dream tips and tricks - first BD photo grow

My grow tent is a 5’10" tall 2x2 GrowLab. Inside fan and light hangers take up close to a full foot of room, so I’ve got to be careful of tall plants like the Blue Dream photo.

She (BD) is 6 weeks old and I have been topping her and have formed a plant that is shaping up nicely with 4 equal stems in a 4-way LST. I’ll probably veg her 2 or 3 more weeks to continue shaping her width before flipping and letting her stretch upward.

Has anyone done something similar with a Blue Dream to control height in a tent like mine? I know width will be tight in a 2x2 so a scrog screen will make it hard to work the plant. But the LST should be fine and I can move her all around to keep her groomed. Wonder what height a Blue Dream inside tent like this will reach? Think I can keep her around 4 foot tall?

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Yes I kept mine short.

Thanks friend! Your BD looks awesome for sure! What method did you use to keep her profile so low?

I’m doing some topping and fimming, so she is being LST’d to stay low. If I can keep her around 3

  • 4 feet tall, I’ll be totally fine and get a potentially good yield.


The open center is deceiving, but in a few short days, she will be totally foliated in the center and you wont be able to see the soil in the pot from above. Amazing how quickly this happens.

My blue dream (from nirvana seeds) was a beast. Noticeably taller than others I grew at same time. I think your plan should work well just be ready for a second scrog screen if it gets out of hand.

The top is 5-5.5 feet tall


I topped once and just did lst.

Here it is now at day 27 12/12


Awesome. I plan to try and keep my BD compact like you have done successfully. Beautiful buds stacking up nicely. You’ll get a good harvest from her.