Blue Dream seeds

hey everyone.
sorry i have been absent for some time now. my work is seasonal and between march and october,…i dont get a free minute. almost starting to slow down.

i have however, found the time to keep growing. i have had very few problems and last harvest was 2+ pounds from 6 plants yipee!!! and i still credit the geniuses here for my success. probably always will.

my most recent harvest is only 4 plants. 1 of them is BlueDream. veg/bloom was fairly normal. nothing weird or strange to report. all the way up to trimming, and when i started jarring the buds…i noticed something unusual.

seeds!! lots of them. how that happen? are they all female? is that common for bluedream strain?
did i cause it?

hope everyone has been doing well :slight_smile:


did you push the limits on the flowering period?

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That is a definite possibility.
Is that a common cause for seed development?

I may be incorrect… but I recall hearing somewhere that in some cases if a female plant is in flower for an extended period without being pollinated she will fertilize herself just enough to produce a few seeds.
Kinda hoping one of the resident experts will chime in here anytime now, lol.


Wow! Replant them!

You are correct @oak! I’m pretty sure this is one of the ways feminized seeds are made. So I would definitely save those seeds if I were you @AgentJay


I think that is what happed to me. Its very common in reptiles thats why they predate dinosaurs.

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Sounds like the plant was a hermie and self pollinated if no seeds in any others. Your lucky they didn’t all get it.

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