Blue Dream progress

I am growing 2 Blue Dream plants in a 2x4x7 tent.Try to keep th RH at about 50%. Temp is about 70 to 75. B’cuzz coco. Sensi coco grow advanced nutes. RO water. Timber grow light model 4VL led. Color temp 3500K. Seeds germinated great. I have them in 5 gallon pots w/ coco at this time. It’s been about 45 days since I started them in cups. My EC runs about 1.9. They are only about 15" tall. Is this normal?


You look right on track. I don’t see any issues with your girls.


Looks like you have a great grow goin on. Keep us posted!!

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Light intensity there coupled with healthy amount of blue wavelengths is likely keeping them a little shorter than you may see in other grows. They look nice!

Very nice grow going there good luck and happy growing!!

Thank you all for the positive comments. As this is the first time growing BD, I was at a loss to why they weren’t stretching like I was reading and seeing. I’m not sure what kind of blue wavelengths my light is putting out but that makes sense. It’s a 425 watt led vero 29 gen 7 cob leds. Right now it’s at 295 watts at about 24".
Then I keep seeing BD is a nitrogen hog. My sensi coco grow mix ends up having an EC of about 1.9. I watered with that but started seeing some white tips. Looks ok now though. What EC level sounds safe?
These plants seem to be a little finicky after transplant but seem to recover ok.
Thanks again.

Mine was cool but when flower time came it doubled and a little more. It almost got out of control keep that in mind when you go to 12hr light schedule. Your looking very nice and thick great job 🖒🖒🖒


Look great to me, keep up the good work

Thanks again for the stretching insight. I’ll go ahead and flip them in the next couple of days.

great start @murietamike! welcome to the forums. lots of great folks on here with an incredible amount of experience. i’m not one of them, i’m a newbie to growing myself. lol good luck with the rest of your grow!

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Love it!!!

Fast forward a couple of months. Harvest in a couple of days. A bit of phenotype difference between the 2.



Get that harvest done?

how’d it go? i have two BDs in a 2x4 right now, wondering what i can look forward to :slight_smile: I couldn’t find a 7 ft tent though, i may live to regret that seeing how tall yours got.

Sorry for the lengthy delay. I ended up with 8 oz between the 2 plants. 1 had a real nice blue dream smell. The other smells ok. Both smoked real well.