Blue dream premature orange hairs?

I have an indoor grow of photo blue dream from ILGM. I had a friend watch them while I was out of town and I came back to find two with A LOT of orange hairs. They’ve only been in flower four weeks and buds are not nearly developed. Anyone know what could have caused this? If the trichs are milky, I’ll try to harvest just the top of the plants and let the lower bud sites fatten up.

Second photo was literally from two days ago. No orange hairs.

Touching them a lot? :man_shrugging: I’m pretty sure if you fuck with em, they’ll turn.
Just a guess btw…but I do know touching them will make em turn faster.

Different strains will turn at different rates that’s why trichomes is the better way of checking for ripeness. It’s completely normal to see red hairs that early

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It could be completely normal maturation, but it could also indicate a thorough pollination.

Couple questions:

Can you lay out the exact timeline? How long were the plants with your friend, and when did you get them back?
Does your friend have plants of their own?
Have you thoroughly inspected your plants looking for pollen sacs?
Do you filter your intake?
Is it possible that one of your neighbors has a plant that could have pollinated yours?

Time will tell. I wouldn’t assume, if they are pollinated, that your friend was responsible. But I might think twice before trusting them again.

They didn’t leave my grow room, my friend just came over and watered and gave nutes while I was gone. He doesn’t have any plants and he’s taken care of them for every grow I’ve done.

But I did have a sour diesel auto that turned out to be a Herm. I found an open pollen sac and removed it from the room immediately but it is possible that it pollinated some of my blue dreams. Would that cause some of them darken early?

That’s what did it. A single sac releases 300,000 grains of pollen, and each one can fertilize a flower. Every “hair” (stamen) is a flower.

So it was purely coincidental that your good friend watched them and they were fertilized. And you have found seeds?

I haven’t seen any seeds but I haven’t harvested them yet either. I’ll likely be harvesting in the next week. I’ve got 12 blue dream plants. Only time will tell :grimacing:

They sure are pretty though :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Seeds aren’t a big deal. Pick them out before grinding, or make dry sift hash.

Nice plants!