Blue Dream outside

How does she look, grown indoors in grow tent until April 17th she survived 5 different froze days. Soil is mixture of ff potting soil and coco shell mixture and organic fertilizer. She’s in flower and still growing I think outdoors on The east coast Maryland weather changing grow pattern.


Yeah she’s transitioning from flower back to veg it looks.

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Seems like a lot of folks this year went outside too early - not for the temperatures but for the light. Another consequence of climate change!

This reveg can’t be good, what can be done at this point

You’d need to take it inside and put it in the dark after 12 hours of sunlight. . Being outside and days getting longer it will continue to return to veg and then go back to flower once your daylight starts getting down to 12-13 hours a day.

You could try to flower it indoors.