Blue dream outdoor from ilgm

Here are my 4 blue dream bought from ilgm. Going outdoor in 6 gallon pots on my deck 7 weeks in from seed im at 3ft on these babys[Uploading…]


Very Nice Good Job.

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Looking good dude! Keep up the hard work!


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they look great @Bluto1 Nice Job!

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@Bluto1 sure wish my back porch looked like that
Great plants :+1:

That is looking good my porch is stained and would be like setting them on the concrete it gets just way to hot I envy your spot

Very nice grow, plant them at least in 15-20 gal pots and you will have trees…
Careful on the nitrogen, blue dream is easy to burn…
Hapoy growing :wink::wink::wink:

I hope theyre ok in these 6 gallon ones for now…

Thanks… im taking one day at a time…lol

They will be fine for now in those pots, but if you put them in at least a 10 gallon pot as a minimum size, they will get huge! Bigger the better. I wouldn’t wait to long though.

Here are my dreams at 6 and a half ft now. Started preflower… first grow and curious about rain and the flowering is it ok to leave them and just shake them off or if anyone could help id appreciate it
Thank ilgm…