Blue dream journey------(first grow)

I appreciate the nice words and I do understand what you mean by getting overwhelmed by too many people don’t sell yourself short my friend I don’t think you can go wrong with asking nearly anyone on here if you have any questions hit me up or diesel Bongster any of us will be more than happy to help you with any questions you have


We are all here to help and guide eachother to successful harvest, both green and seasoned growers alike


I hope one day I can pull some like that. I’m determined to haha

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The dream is alive…let’s see what happens lol


I’m down for experimenting!!!

and so am I.

I had a memory from years ago of gibberellic acid pushing a plant into germination…then I saw this post…

and I was off, playing with chemicals, a favorite pastime of my youth, and not just chemicals for plants…:innocent:
Amazon had it in small amounts, lol

scuffing with a match book strike pad is simplest, but not necessary by all the successful sprouts out there done without😉

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That seems dope!!!

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I’ll be trying the Gold Leaf I treated real soon…give me a week and unless my hair starts falling out or I get a third eye on my forehead or weird fingernails, etc…

I’m happy🙌


I want to try two different plants but I’m going to take the vets word and just stick with the blue dream but love to see your ladies if you post them. I got a 2x2x4 tent I know this may be a stupid question but say for instance if I put a Girl Scout cookie auto with a blue dream in the same tent they would fit? I know I push the limits a lot!!! :sunglasses: I’m new to this so I don’t want to do too much.

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Yes you will be able to do to autos in your tent I actually did 2 fem plants in the same size tent it was very crowded


Okay coo!!!

2 feet x 2 feet x 4 feet for two autos?

I’ll leave you with @Hogmaster, again, just dropped in, sounds small you need room for the light to hang, the distance between the light and canopy, the pot height, the width of one auto.
@Kabongster me or I’ll just be looking in.
Not leaving you, just keeping the advice to one source…my best advice keep it simple please…KISP!


lol, was typing…later all!

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I agree with you 100% I don’t recommend doing to Sam’s in that size 10 because it is way way too crowded I have a journal on here that shows a picture and I had to redo my lights because of the height but you should be able to do to autos no problem

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lol, there are few autos on here filling 4 x 4 tents!..sigh, not mine

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I always do things in twos just in case one has an issue but yes I agree 100% I haven’t been able to do it yet not inside anyhow

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Can you remove the pictures with the Ziploc bags @Skiiwalkr88

Sorry :neutral_face: I didn’t know that wasn’t allowed.

Yea sorry buddy, pictures of the seeds are just no packaging pictures

Understandable I know for future post now.