Blue dream journey------(first grow)


Hello everyone :raised_hands:t4: New growers journal Just received my seeds. Excitement in the air!!! Waiting for light and tent to come in the mail (mid week). If anyone has grown blue dream in hydroponic setting that could give me some guide or information on anything that I would be missing would be helpful!!! @latewood @DissidentPriest @Paranorman @MacGyverStoner @Matthew420 @yoshi .

These are the people I read threads and I enjoy learning from you guys. If any of you great people could suggest any other people or any help would be magnificent!!! I have a 2x2x4 tent, 600w marshydro 278w true watts, all PH items needed to check nutrients solution; like, Ph up/down and TDS ppm test pen, PH meter digital monitor. Nutrients I will be using is coconut water, foxfarm hydro trio, fish seaweed blend, and B-52.

I also have 6" fan, 4" yescom inline fan and carbon filter, 3.5 gallon hydro buckets, light sensor to measure my light to plant distance. fan speed control, rock wool for seedlings. I will be scrogging. Will post pictures of setup in this thread later this week. I have done TONS of reading, YouTubing, and learning from you guys grows. Now it’s time to put things to the test but help I surely will need.


You’re gonna love that blue dream. One of the best out there imo


I’m posting my grow schedule if you guys see anything wrong any suggestions would help to change for a better grow. I know some of this may vary once starting to grow but HAY!!! I’m a over thinker and I have to plan out my steps so I don’t for get anything. I may be taking things to the extreme so if I am letting me know won’t hurt my feelings lol.
Will post pictures of every step in this thread!!!


Welcome to the community brother. If you need anything holler at me
Good luck growin


Ive had it a couple of weeks ago just to see what I was getting myself into but I know everyone grows different. It was amazing!!! So just hope I don’t mess it up along the way.


Thanks will do!!!


Careful with this!!!

I have NEVER introduced ANY nutrients to seed for germination, nor to seedlings. I disagree with this practice, as all the seed needs is pH’d water (6.0), heat (78-81), humidity (75%), and a bit of light. Your seedlings are babies! If you’re gonna give them vitamins, give them just a taste. In my Gold Leaf grow I broke my own rule (it’s good to reinforce proof of concept on occasion), and gave the seedlings a minuscule dose of nutrients. Got burned! Not bad, but there. The LIGHT is the food and that, and water are all your babies need for the first 14 days.

I also noticed the pH range is a bit off for a hydroponics grow. It states, “5.5 not over 6.5”. NO! 5.5-6.1, with 5.8 being the ideal in hydroponics. Do not push it for any length of time outside this range. PH inaccuracies in hydroponics are brutal, and the consequences can appear overnight. If you do not have a chemical pH test kit I recommend getting one. While they are more subjective, I use it in tandem to verify calibration of my digital meter. Not every time, but it’s a good practice I encourage.

That’s what I noticed right away…

I’m so excited for you!


I personally don’t give them nutrients until the first set of leaves, the round ones, fall off. That’s just what I do, giving little seedlings nutrients can cause harm to them. I always soak my seeds in plain water and I’ve never had a problem(knock in wood). I don’t trust seeds that sink to the bottom, that could mean that the integrity of the shell could have been compromised and aren’t viable anymore


I found that coconut water with germination will increase the germination rate with a mix of water of course…That’s the only added nutrients I plan to give…Just testing different things out.


If it works for you brother, then if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.


I would wait until you have a successful grow under your belt before you start to experiment with stuff there’s absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting the seeds that you purchased from I L GM have a 98% success rate I think it’s 100 % because I’ve never had any issues getting my seeds to crack don’t get me wrong I’m not against experimenting but if it’s your first grew I would be concentrating on that good growing best wishes hog


Okay, so minimizing the time that the seeds soak would be best? Have you ever tried lightly scratching the seeds coat to help the seeds pop?


I do the paper towel method and they crack 24 to 36 hours I’ve had 100% germination rate with Ilgm seeds


Understandable!!! I’ve seen some grows but never done one myself. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself.


I just want to see you successful in getting some killer medication out of the deal don’t give me wrong I experiment all the time but if it’s your first I would recommend just getting it growing then you can experiment all you want it just really depends on if you got them to help you get something out of them or if you got them because you need the medicine


Both…But I completely understand


Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to discourage you from trying different things but I do want to see you succeed


And if there’s anything I can do for you tag me I have several rows done in a few going on you are more than happy to check them out


Coo most definitely!!!


I just soak my seeds in water for 24 hours, whether the pop or not, then put them in their respective homes.