Blue Dream issues nearing harvest

Hey gang.
I’ve had a really good grow with this ilgm auto but nearing the end, this is happening. Week 7 of flower approx.
Fox farms soil blend, light nutes throughout. Fox farm trio every other watering at most following schedule at 2/3 of recommended amount.
Molasses occasionally. PH soil is 7. Last runoff was 6.7.
In my grow room there is a GSC extreme getting the same care pretty much. No yellowing leaves, no issues like this lady.
I don’t wanna blow it so close to harvest. Any thoughts?
Seems like nite lockout to me from my research but I’m a bit baffled. Buds looking good to me but what do I know?
Second grow guy. Trying to finish well this time.

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Also, I’ve done a bit of defoliation obviously. : )

I see no white pistils on that bud. You are close to being done I would think.
At this point the plant will begin to yellow and consume itself no matter how much you feed it.
What do the trichomes look like?

Trichomes are all clear currently.

I would check runoff ppm of straight ph water if way high flush if depleted I would add cal mag because it looks a little like both but don’t panic and overdo things and she should still give you some good smoke :v:

Thank you!

Sparky, would calmag at this close to harvest be ok? In your opinion?

Runoff ph is 5.5. Hmmm

At 5.5 the plant isn’t eating anything which will resemble a lock out. Feeding it anything now won’t fix the problem.

Do you have info on the pH/PPMs in and out over the last few watering/feedings?

Also any close up pics of the trichomes? Depending on how close you are to harvesting it might not be worth trying to fix.

No other runoff readings currently.
Been ph “ing” my water at 6.5, feeding as stated in earlier posts.
Just did a semi flush to get that runoff reading.
Pot is very heavy.
Trichomes seem young and clear.

I was talking ppm that’s a way to tell how much food is left in your soil they are $10 on Amazon and also a great tool for flushing if that’s your intention you are right on that window I don’t ph my runoff unless I have a problem if it were my plant if ppm were above 2000 I would flush if it was low below 1000 I would give full dose of cal mag and see how she responds either way you should get a respectable harvest and maybe think about adding a soil microbe too help everything in fox farm soil it will make ph a less of an issue I’ve done a dozen grows in fox farm soil and your outgoing Ph isn’t bad in. My grows using this soil every time just stay close to 6.5 going in hope this helps :v:Ps microbes if you choose next grow won’t help much This grow

Thank you for the great info!


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