Blue Dream Issue

Have been going over these for two days with a microscope looking for pests. Have seen none. What am I missing? Coco grown in jacks. Pictures below. Thank you kindly.


They are up in the top 80%. Not droplets.

It surely looks like some sort of pest to me. What pest, I have no idea.

Humidity at the highest been 46%. Lowest at 31%. High temp at 83 with lows at 72.

What is your humidity and do you have good airflow?

Door open so it went up a tad. Have one small hurricane up top, floor fan circulating, and a tower fan circulating.

That’s all good for RH and airflow. I thought one of the pics looked like mold damage, but that shouldn’t be the case given your environment.

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Two in the first picture then I have one up top.