Blue Dream Grow Journal

Here it is, finally. I’ve got a chest full of six different strains that I grew to see what I like and what helps me medically. Based on those strains, I think this may be the one. I picked up one Blue Dream clone today, and I’m going to grow a mother plant. Then I’ll take clones to veg inside under 18/6 and then outside to flower. That’s why my lights are Vero29 5000 K COBS. I have one pair of the COBs on now and am getting about 10000 LUX on the clone. As we go, I can turn on 2 more pairs and even put together a fourth pair. Probably only need that fourth pair if I want to flower inside.


All right! I will be following along. Tag anyone you would like to see this. Sort of an invite.

We have roots! Repotted in a clear larger container so I can see when it gets enough roots to need repotting. This clone (if it is a clone and not a sprouted seed) already has roots showing at the bottom and a few around the outside of the soil mass. I say “sprouted seed” because everybody else was sold out in anticipation of the January 1 free-for-all in California. I had to buy this plant from a delivery guy who couldn’t care less about my doctor’s note. I think he delivers to anybody who calls him!

At least he didn’t say he had the first strain I asked for and the plant beer cup had “Blue Dream” written on it. But it did not have any holes in the bottom of the cup, so that’s kind of strange.

Anyway, it has some fresh well-rinsed coco around it now, and is getting 15000 lux.


I don’t know if I would use a clear cup, roots won’t grow where any light is shining on them. @1BigFella so I’d advise using a red solo or some other sort of non-transparent cup


@1BigFella looks great so far, just put some tape around the clear cup. Roots aren’t fond of light.

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Yeah or better yet put that cup into a red solo cup and stack them, you can “check on them” when lights out? unless your 24hrs lights on. Yes I’m OCD @1BigFella @Covertgrower


The clear container has a cardboard surround, so no light can get in but I can easily remove it to check the roots. All the clear containers I had were too big for a solo cup surround, and besides solo cups are not light-proof.

Here is a photo of my light fixtures with their associated duct work. The exhaust fan pulls 24 cubic feet per minute of air over each heatsink. As a result, my heatsinks run about 90 F or 32 C. Not the optimal 25 C, but close enough to get very good efficiency out of the COBs. They are running at about 1/3 their maximum current, so they put out almost 200 liumens per watt. You can’t see the 1" heatsink fins because they are covered with aluminum so the air runs down the entire heatsink.

The driver boards all look different because I was making up their layout on perfboard as I went along. They all have the same parts. The third one is very nice!

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Well @1BigFella two solo cups would probably be light proof,just saying.

Sure, but I wanted to put it in a bigger container while I was checking it for roots. I’m also not sure what medium the guy used so now I’m on the way to full coco.

Awesome I wish you the best on your grow journey, I don’t use coco, I’m all soil for now. @1BigFella

My first grow was all in Miracle Grow Potting Soil and now I want to be able to control the nutrients better, including the flush at the end. Most of my test strains worked out fine and I got many ounces of nice buds. A couple of the indicas got light burned by full sun, but that’s okay because it turns out I like sativas better anyway. Probably because I’m a geezer! I like what sativas do for my brain. Indicas just put me to sleep. That’s not a bad thing, but I don’t really have any trouble sleeping.

My medical condition is a little more subtle than most folks seeking pain relief or seizure control: I have pretty mild MS and when I get too stressed I can have attacks. My immune system attacks some part of my brain, so i can go blind, etc. Sativas relieve stress, help the brain wire around damage, may prevent Alzheimer’s, and help my sense of balance. They also have an anti-inflammatory effect that is exactly what MS sufferers need and a good muscle relaxant effect that really helps against leg cramps. My legs are numb from the shins down, so at night my feet can be in weird positions and I wake up with a cramp. When I’ve smoked a tiny bit the night before the cramp stops the second I stand up. It’s great the medical marijuana is working so well for me. Now if we could just get the DEA to reclassify it, that would be super.


Yep the DEA and the FDA, need to open their eyes and reclassify @1BigFella

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Their claim that cannabis has no medical use is so ridiculous it makes me lose all respect for them And I am a science-guy too. Worked 11 years in medical research. When you have thousands of people with reports of success, you don’t stick your fingers in your ears and shout “la, la, la” as loud as you can.


I agree completely, Back in the day when it was first banned in the 1920s the “scientists” that did research for cannabis to see the benefits of it was medicine or not. They would pump smoke into monkeys mouth with out oxygen support. They claimed it killed the monkeys. But in reality it was a lack of oxygen to the brain…stupid scientists and false media. Then Nixon made it illegal! There goes billions and billions of dollars in hemp and cannabis products! No wonder why the US is trillions in debt! They don’t support what the people want. They just use population control tactics. IE: cigarettes, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs. Because otherwise we would be over populated. They don’t know how to control the masses. Plain and simple.

Nope, sorry. Can’t blame it all on Nixon. I remember him well and it was illegal well before him. All that Reefer Madness stuff was in1936. Nixon was President in 1969 and I was a new high school graduate. My future wife’s little sister was a Nixon Girl at the LA rally. (Where she got drunk and lost her virginity to some Republican bigwig at age 15!)

Actually, most establishment Americans in the 60’s and 70’s bought into all that rubbish about weed being the stepping stone to heroin addiction. It’s only in the last decade or two that public opinion has shifted. Probably because of people being aware of someone who finds it helpful medically. There is NOTHING like direct personal experience to change people’s minds.

Well it happened before him yes, but he really started the enforcing of it and all the government funding JUST for cannabis @1BigFella

And yes I agree completely, nothing can top the benefits of it stopping the acute pain and the stopping of seizures in children for example that are born with a disease or condition.

Yes, Nixon’s War On Drugs. But my girlfriend and I had already been busted for weed before he did any of that. Most of his stuff was just political posing. Like being against child molestation and for apple pie!

But despite Nixon, I was a hydroponic grower in 1972!

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Yeah knock on wood I have a clean record still. :+1::wink:

@1BigFella I have Blue Dream Seeds for a spring grow so this is interesting to me as well! Looking forward to following along!

I smoked my first weed during the Nixon Administration. My first grows were under both Carter and Ford!

I’m not sure blaming presidents is gonna help the cause anyway. I know we all want this nonsense to end, but it’s gonna take some more time. We make more progress everyday! :v:

In about 1972, I tried a hydroponic grow just for fun. The little bit of info about hydro nutrients I could find in the library were just about N, P, and K for growing tomatoes. So I had to make my own out of lab reagents. Fortunately I was using tap water so I probably got whatever micronutrients I needed. Mexican bag weed seeds, we had plenty of those! A few banks of fluorescent tubes, not nearly enough. My grow medium was clean river sand, and once a day a little fountain pump sent solution up to water it. Drained back into the bucket.

And it actually worked. They stretched like hell because of the low light, but they grew. Looked very pretty, too. As I recall, they got to be about 4 feet high and I had to take it all down for some reason. Can’t remember why. I smoked the leaves and they were about as good as the shitty weed we got back then.
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