Blue dream flower time indoor

So I’m thinking about a blue dream grow . Under the first description it says flower indoor or outdoor in 15 weeks than it says under all the stats that it flowers in 9 weeks . Can somebody help me out here !!

Never ever go by the Breeders time frame. That is literaly under perfect conditions. Blue Dream you also need to stay on top of or she will burst your tent. I think my Blue Dream was done about 9 to 12 weeks.

But I grow only 12/12 start to finish.


The 15 (to 20) weeks is total grow time (from seed to harvest) with 9 weeks of that in flowering, pretty standard stuff - my Blue Dream flowered for 9-10 weeks. First you have a period of vegetative growth (6-8 weeks for most growers) then you force the plant into flowering and that is gonna take another 9-10 weeks (or even longer possibly).


Thanks growmies ,appreciate it👍🏻