Blue Dream : First Indoor Grow!

I’ve been asking so many questions here and there, figured i’d start a journal. Thanks to everyone so far who’s chimed in to help me on my first grow!

I never intended on growing inside. The plan was toss them outdoors and see how they’d fare. The more I read, the more I realized growing these outside in the city was not going to work. I was going to practice getting them past the seedling stage and give them away, but then I got attached. Then things just got out of hand, and here I am, a proud cannabis parent sparing no expense… Iv’e even given up my bedroom. Ridiculous.

2 Blue Dream photoperiod (one didn’t make it)
Coco with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco
Feeding per bottle instructions full strength when dry, every 3-4 days

Started off in a closet with and HID which was way too hot.
Switched to a 1500 King Led double chip weeks 2-5 in another closet
Now in a 2x4 tent and an Electric Sky ES-300 :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

May 10th put the seeds in

First week or two:


Topped June 9th , start of week 5. Probably should have done it sooner. Growth seemed a little slow but so many variables.

Week 8

July 3rd they were moved into their final home, 2x4 tent
Electric Sky ES-300
AC infinity fan 4"
NO environmental control yet, but temps have been 75-78 during the day and humidity 45-50%
Ongoing LST (i’m a mess at this)

My current goal is to flip as soon as possible to Scrog and fill the tent with as little height as possible. I think they’re pretty small for week 8, but they didn’t have the best start in life. But here they are in their new home!


Very nice look healthy and ready to go.

My ongoing questions/concerns that I started on other threads:

Pot size: they’re currently 3 gallons, which would have been fine for 3 plants, but alas, RIP plant number 3. I would just like to go up to 5 due to the amount of feeding/watering needed and budget if it makes sense. What size pot would you use for a 2x2 space with a scrog in place?

Nutrients and flushing: I’m using Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco with B-52 every 3-4 days as it dries out. Totally new to me, lots of folks water once per day. @TommyBahama was kind enough to put a new schedule for me for feeding every day. Not sure I can afford it, though! I’m considering watering every other day to 20% runoff in 5 gallon pots.

When to flip? Not sure if it’s too soon to ask, but how much longer do you think until I can fill up this 2x4 space? I hate how long they’ve already vegged but I think due to the lights and my lack of plan, they didn’t really take off until they got into their new home.

Leaf color/health: I was concerned about the crazy metallic sheen many of the leaves had developed, but I think it’s the light! I took them out to feed yesterday and they look pretty good. Someone has been nibbling so used a little Nukem, and I tuck leaves like a crazy person so some of the leaves are a little wonky, but overall I think everything is looking pretty good.

SCROG- has anyone done LST with a scrog net? Thinking I may put it up early to help train, then take out and flip to flower when the time comes, and put it back once the stretching has really gotten underway.

Thanks everyone!

I use 5 gal in a 2x2 space (tent is 2x4). Here is a white widow and blackberry kush. The white widow is scrog the blackberry is fimed and lst.


They look fine to me, nice & healthy.
Personally I would not worry about a long veg, lots of variables to consider, lights in particular. I tend to do long veg times but I’m very new to this.
Pot: Hopefully other’s will chime in on this, I think you have the space, question really is, is it ok to do it this far along into their life cycle. If you do go for the 5 gal pot, just cut the existing pot so as to minimize stress to the plant. Some do 3 gallon pot & it works fine.
They look like they could use a little more growing before you consider flipping them plus they would certainly benefit from topping & LST.
You could go a little higher on humidity in veg state.

Feeding, Water: are you feeding and watering every day? if so slow down, you dont want to water every day. Put your finger into the dirt an inch or so, if its moist do not water. Depending on your soil (What type of soil are you using?) you may not need to add nutes just yet. Not sure what you meant by watering to 20% run off. Ideally you want to water to run off for testing ph & PPM but there is no set % and 20% is probably unnecessary. Have you tested the run off yet is so what are the numbers?
Flushing is still a ways down the road.

Patience (which I am sorely lacking in) is your best friend at this stage. :wink:


Thanks, Mote. I’m in Coco and water/feed every 3-5 days per bottle instructions, but recently Advanced Nutrients informed me I should be watering 1-2 times PER DAY. i’m NOT going to do that. the feeding concerns are due to possible salt build up. they’re fine now, but as I have not been measuring PPM (it’s one of two things my brain refuses to want to deal with) I just want to make sure my feeding practices don’t cause build up. that lead to the discussion as to how often. More often = less chances of salt build up.

I did measure PPM for the first time it was like 1800 going in and 2300 coming out. i’m assuming this can’t be right or everything would be dead.

looks great! my plants are close to this I think. my crazy LSTing though has lead to some serious lopsided-ness.

tomorrow is a target run and picking up something for humidity. They were probably steadily at 55% before they went into this tent.

Not familiar (yet, have some for my next grow) w AN line, but watering every day sounds like a big no no from what I’ve read here. PPM readings are very simple to take, PH also easy once you calibrate your meter, highly recommend you take a little bit of time and get this info. Probably the two most important aspects when growing these plants, important cause they can go wrong very easily and cause all sorts of problems…not fun.

supposedly in coco it’s almost impossible to overwater, which is why I went with this medium as it’s one of the biggest rookie mistakes and i’ve killed any number of house plants due to too much love over the years.

i didn’t see any calibrating instructions on the pen, but i’ll look into it. not sure why but I just can’t deal. i wanted to get something with clear instructions and just follow, so been following the bottle instructions. all has been good so far, but if i do get salt build up they could burn quickly.


oh you said calibrate the PH pen… well, with this lineup you don’t have to do PH either, which is another reason I went with it.

Did not know that about coco, that’s cool. Not sure which pens you got, the dts meter you got.
I got this one, works fine just a bit of a pita reading numbers as it kind of casts a shadow onto itself, no biggie & no calibration nesc.

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Hmmm, was not aware of that. Unless you have an RO system I would think you would want to know what your water ph is. This is new to me as well so take it w a grain of salt.
Speaking of salt, you want to do a ppm reading just to see where you are at.

Bust out that pen and check out your run off. A lot of new stuff to me so I dont want to steer you in the wrong direction. :wink:

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I would keep an eye on it non the less. I believe I have read that it does not always hold true with th “PH Perfect”


I did… runoff was 1800-2300! i hate it when you can’t trust your equipment.


I water about once a day remember coco is like hydro u have to keep nutrients going to the root zone but u can just mist it.

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my water as it is is pretty close to in rage. I can’t calibrate the pen every time I use it so i’m putting my faith more in the nutrients than i am in this operator.

Should not have to calibrate the pen every time. It’s a good habit maybe once a week or two but not every time.

I calibrated mine last grow :joy: so fricken lazy !

it takes 3 days for it to dry out though. the top gets dry but i can feel just by the weight of it that there is plenty still in there. I am going to increase to every two days though I think, maybe slightly less concentration. I really can’t afford to feed every day. I already thought this stuff was expensive at once every 4 days.

What size pots and are they fabric? I am running 7 gallon fabric pots and I go every three days with 1.5 gallons and that gives me my 20% run off. I also have a fan on both side of the pots.