Blue dream done yet?

Not sure if I should wait longer 2nd grow and first grow was picked to soon good high not a great taste

This is picks from 2 days ago


Need clear close up of the trichomes on buds to tell

You looking for energy high, couch lock, or something in between?

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Welcome to the community! as @Mr_Wormwood mentioned close-up would help. I would like to add you mention taste. Shoot for a long drying period 7 to 10 days At 65 to 68 degrees. Then jar up for a good cure. If you dry to quick you can get weed that smells and tastes like hay. Just my thoughts good luck

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Just like the weed I’m buying while I get my sh@t together and buy all the stuff to grow medical grade


Yup exactly how it taste and smells how long should I cure for

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Something in between looked threw eye class but not to sure what I’m looking at

The longer cure the better , After a couple weeks take you sample. Also drop you a hydrometer in the jar with your buds so you can monitor moisture level. If it gets too dry you can always add a couple of green leafs in the jar to bring the moisture back up. Personally I like 59 to 62% .

As for how long to grow you want no clear trichomes

Just milky ones with some turning amber. You might need a jewelers loupe to see them

Curing and drying I don’t know the answer on that

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Thanks guys I’ll take a close up pic when I get home


Looking nice , we need to see trichromes

Looking good! I bet she’s fat and sticky. Agree @Randy_Marsh
Trich pics

Too much white pistils to be close without trics.

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Can you send a pic in white light?

Ahh I sure can lest for work will take one after I get home

Stupid work. I got to do that too. When is it my turn to hit that lottery

To look at this pic u r super close within a week or 2 3 at most depending on ur wants and needs from it. Try and turn off the light for a few mins and take a coiple pics from diff angles of the buds with camera flash try and get as close as u can so it will be a clear pic. If u dont have a usb microscope id get one amazon has some fairly cheap ones that work great to tell only 5 to 15 bucks for them connect to phone and bam up close and personal lol

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I hear that just ready for vacation

Uploading: 1986F02D-D35E-4B07-BD1F-6DD636CC543F.jpeg…

This is some more close up pic in white light