Blue Dream Day 30 Flower - How am i doing?

Temp:70-79 Humidity:45-55 Vegged for:2 months(Had rough first month) Caught very slight nute burn 2 weeks into flower but fixed quick. Feeding:(50% molasses)(50% terpinator)(50% florabloom)(50% floramicro) PH:6.0-6.5

i feed them every 1-2 waterings (sometimes just molasses) Havent had any problems since the nute burn and seeing differences everyday SEEDS FROM ILGM (Feminized)


they are some healthy looking little girls mate, a lil bit of nute burn can always be expected, lots of lovely white pistons

was the girls stripped down below you net before flowering? always worth doing I find personally?

TERPINATORa very good choice for increasing flavour & aroma I use it myself 1ml p/l through Veg & 2ml p/l through flower


They look great to me.
I recently purchased some blue dream from ILGM and after seeing your pics I can’t wait to get them started.

Good Scrog man. Ladies look beautiful. Keep up the great work

Nice! I order a triple threat from ILGM the dream the cookies and the widow. Can’t wait to get started