Blue dream autoflower taking longer than 14 weeks to bud and advice?

The plant is about to be 5 months old. Started with cfl bulb then switched to 150w grow light. using fox farm ocean forest soil. Dose anyone know the reason it’s taking longer than expected? Thank you


Is that a auto or photoperiod plant cause if its a auto it should of been done ages ago

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14 weeks from seed, or 14 weeks flowering?

The “flowering time” of autos is just that - time to fully matured buds from the start of flowering, not the time from the start of seed.


Maybe I am just confused but I see a plant that is done.
The buds are small, but the pistils are all brown and I dont see any new white ones.
Leaves are yellowing from age, another indication its finished.
I see a few webs, hopefully from spiders and not mites.
A close up of a branch top could confirm this, but I think you could harvest it now.

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Hy i just want to ask do you feed her?
Look like she was ready long time ago
In case you don’t feed her buds never get dense more in sativa dominated so if i was you i cut her and let her dry and cure and see if the thricomes don’t degree all of them

Happy growing :metal::green_heart::christmas_tree:

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