Blue Dream Autoflower Indoor Grow

How long did yours flower for? I am just getting some blueish purple on the other plants and am thinking another week

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10 weeks in flower, but I did base my decision on the trichomes as soon as I start to see a few Amber I usually pull it I don’t like it too sleepy:-)

I’ve got a few ambers but still some clears. I’m thinking another week maybe

There’s always going to be a few clear as long as it’s just a small amount and most of them are milky white or a little bit Amber you should be good to go. In terms of when you pull the plant at the end it’s all up to your preference and what type of an effect you looking for. I’m sure it’ll be awesome no matter what​:grin::100::potted_plant::potted_plant:

Sorry these aren’t the greatest photos of the trichomes, but gives you an idea where I’m at. Id say most partly cloudy with some amber on the leaves, very little in the buds. Hairs about 80% dark

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Looks like you got another couple weeks to me as far as what I can see from the picture it is predominantly clear with some white. Keep in mind Amber trichomes can form if the plant has been touched or rubbed or if you’re looking at the leaves they do mature much quicker. You have to look at just the bed structure to get your indicator. I think in two weeks you’ll be much happier with the product:-)

I have a incredibly hard time reading the trichomes, they all look cloudy to me. I remember the only way I could tell the clears is that I could see through them

Yeah they have a different kind of shine to them. My main point was if you see Amber it could be something other than the development of the plant if you rub it or it gets touched again prematurely ripen the trichome head. I think in two weeks you should be good to go

Most of the Amber is in the sugar leaves which I read will turn first. I’m going to leave it in till at the very least this weekend.

Still going. I’m thinking of starting a 48Hr dark cycle tonight. That would put me at ~9 weeks 4 days flower. 94 days total from germination. Thoughts @krismwright ?

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Another thing you can do is start dropping the light down to 11 hours and then maybe even 10 it’ll help it finish

Beautiful plants man!

Id love to see one of these buds in the daylight! Looks like very nice color​:grin::heart::100:

Thats some beautiful color and gorgeous bud

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@TomServo - Did you end up changing the light cycle? Have you harvested yet? Would love to see trichrome pics right before/at harvest if you have any.

I will provide an update later I’ve been busy trimming I didn’t take a photo before harvest but looking at them I had mostly cloudy. My leaves we’re starting to dry out pretty good but I could have probably waited another week maybe if I wanted more Amber.

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Ok so final totals 10.0 oz. 7oz buds 3oz larf. Currently curing, I have smoked some, I was surprised there is no harshness (only been curing 2 days) light fruity flavor that I expect to enhance as they cure. I will have to get some photos there are some buds that are almost crystal looking with the amount of resin. I’d say already better than most of the mid-grade stuff I would buy. @krismwright @AClizzle


That sounds awesome man! I know I’m probably speaking for all of us when I say we’re waiting for the nug porn​:rofl::rofl: stop teasing us​:pray::heart::potted_plant::heart::potted_plant: