Blue Dream Autoflower Indoor Grow

The purple one was mine, I accidentally started posting on his journal because he tagged me and the name was so similar :rofl::rofl: stoner move for sure! That purple blue dream is so fire, one of the best plants I’ve ever grown :100:

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@krismwright really great job she was a beauty. Ima go creep on your journal now lol

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Stage Date Days From / To Weeks From / To
In Dirt 01/30/22 74 10.6
Sprout 02/03/22 70 10.0
Flower 02/26/22 47 6.7
Harvest (8 Week Flower) 04/23/22 -9 -1.3
Harvest (10 Week Flower) 05/07/22 -23 -3.3


Are looking good​:fire::fire::grin: it’s hard to tell what color they are with that light oh, are you getting any purple on them?

I’ve got one that was the weird seedling, I think it’s an sativa dominant. It’s gone yellow and red on the sugar leaves. It’s also got a ton of colas now

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Stage Date Days From / To Weeks From / To
In Dirt 01/30/22 78 11.1
Sprout 02/03/22 74 10.6
Flower 02/26/22 51 7.3
Harvest (8 Week Flower 04/23/22 -5 -0.7
Harvest (10 Week Flower) 05/07/22 -19 -2.7

Getting close now. Cleaned the leaves up a little, still a lot of clear trichomes


Do you have a scope to check the trichomes?

I do, there are a few cloudy and fewer amber, but still a noticeable amount of clear. I did pull a small bud to test, but I think its still too early

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@LongtimeListener_FirsttimeCaller see that one in the back right that looks like it’s struggling versus all the other ones that’s the one now that is now got the most yield and the nicest color change

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I’m hoping it will end up being a “first shall be last and last shall be first” situation as well.

They look great, fast growth! What seed bank are these from?

Right from here


Plants look excellent. Is that a 4x4 or 3x3?

Hey what do you guys use for your LST? Pipe cleaners or something? Wire?

This is 3x3 fits the room perfect because the room is only 3 ft wide it’s like a giant closet. In the future the tent might go out and then coat the room with reflective material to have some more room


I use twist tie. It comes in like 100ft or something

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So beautiful

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Thanks man

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I’m on my first grow and I used pipe cleaners, but I’m not sure I’ll stay that course on the next one. I think I started my LST a bit late and the plants were a bit tall, I had to twist several pipe cleaners together in many instances and I found that the twist would come apart pretty frequently.

Twist tie is the way to go it was 100 m so that’s roughly 300 ft and it comes with the little cutter and everything and I think it was like 10 bucks