Blue Dream Autoflower - First Grow - Flowering Stage Problem

I need help because it has been a wonderful experience with no problems until now. The set up could be much better, and I know next time no miracle-gro soil, a real tent, and stronger light.

Symptoms: Yellow Tips, Wilting , Curling





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Looks like a little nutrient burn. Not a major problem at all. Just means you’re giving them the max or maybe a little over the max nutes they can handle. You could dial the EC of your nutrient solution back a little if you want. I usually just ride it out where I’m at unless it gets really bad.


Update on First Grow: Sprouted 61 Days Ago


Thats pretty impressive given the soil. Back in the early 90s i used miracle grow my first time. I didnt flush the last two weeks and i had to throw out my first harvest… just flush the living piss out of em the last few weeks and youll be good. Cant wait to see the final result and smoke report :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I appreciate your feedback. It has certainly been a learning experience throughout the process. The miracle gro soil made the process that much harder, especially in the flowering stage. I did fall in love with the whole process even with the issues

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Looks good but miracle grow is going to pump those buds full of nitrogen