Blue Dream Autoflower @ 7 weeks

strain: Blue Dream Auto
soil: Fox Farm & Ocean Forest
Fertiliser: Grow Big, Tiger Bloom and Cal-Mag
Lights: LED

Hey everyone-- it’s been awhile since I posted-- here is my Blue Dream Auto at 7 weeks-
If you have ever grown Blue Dream Auto, please comment-
Overall the plant looks healthy but there are 3 leaves that look to have clear Potassium deficiency. What do you think?
Thanks for your comments!


Wow i cant wait to see my seedling on 3gl pots looking crazy big plant

I growing blue dreams auto but just one
on 1gl pot just like 3 o 2 weeks left to harvests


About you leafs just defoliated, i should not worry if you see more just add a liltter more nute


I grow BD but photo period.
Hearty plant.

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I believe the big bloom has the potassium in it, may want to add it to your schedule, I see you didn’t list it.

First Timer:

You might use organic molasses to correct a potassium deficiency I had a similar situation in a previous grow and someone on ILGM recommended organic molasses. Worked GREAT.

Nice looking auto . . . :shushing_face:

Here is an article about the use of molasses:

High Times – 10 Dec 20

The Importance of Molasses in Cannabis Plant Growth | High Times

Did you know that molasses can help keep your plants healthy and strong?


Thank you!!!

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Calcium def i think

Thanks for the input—increased my fertilising schedule and plant is improving. Turns out it was most likely a POTASSIUM deficiency…important nutrient when flowering-

Thanks for all your inputs!