Blue Dream auto week 13

Am in week 13 of my first grow with 3 plants over 6 feet tall. I thought they would be around 2 ft ??? Growing in 3 gallon fabric pots with Coast of Maine Stonnington Blend and have added nothing but water and have done no pruning. Will these plants ever mature?

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If it’s week 13 and they’re just now flowering I think it’s safe to say those aren’t autos not to mention how tall they are


The plants get only 6 - 8 hrs of sun daily, which I thought was causing the stalkiness. They’ve been flowering for 2-3 weeks , but the buds are small. The seeds were supposed to be blue dream autoflowering

I had issues with my blue dream autos. 4 out 5 were duds. The one that did germinate in early may, which I gave to a friend, is just now starting to flower.

Looks like yours might benefit from a feeding, but I’m no expert!

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Your in COM so i would add some com bud and blooms and worm casting

Thanks Dave! But what does “in COMM” mean?

Those are quite big to be autos. Are you sure thay aint phots?
It looks to me that you have cleared the veg. → flower transition phase. You are more im week 1 or so.
The plants overall looke healthy and happy. Give it time my friend. Those Blue Dreams will chunk up nicley.
We have a few blue dream heavy Purple Dreams in the garden and they are looking great.

Happy growing…

By the bag seeds came in photo.But ill double check.

COM = coast of Maine

The - FAP means auto.sorry that’s why I double check.

No problem thanks for checking. Still left with a mystery.

Sorry was absent COM Coast of Maine has a nutrient line and a cannabis feeding schedule It works for me

Thanks to all for your input! Couple of updates. After a bit of back and forth, ILGM agreed that my plants were probably not autoflowers and have shipped me replacement seeds. Got to love their customer service!

Had they been autos, I think my COM soil would have carried them to maturity without additional nutrients. But, now in week 14 it’s totally depleted. So at the excellent suggestion of @dirtydave I have begun adding COM Bud & Bloom (3 days ago). I can already see an improvement in flower development. Will follow the recommended schedule for the duration of my grow. I’ll post some final photos in a few (?) weeks if they’re worthy.

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