Blue Dream Auto Test Results

Good evening everyone. I was in a cannabis cup tonight and part of that was getting our cannabis tested. I figured I would share just for anyone curious. I know the #s can vary from grow to grow but I figured it would be neat to share.
I was super happy with my THC levels compared to most other people.
The CBD % really surprised me though.

I’m the only blue dream on the picture so that’s me lol


Thanks for sharing your results!

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Anytime, I figured it would be cool to share. It was my first grow so everyone can take that how they will :joy:. Everyone loves the smoke though I haven’t had any complaints.


Congrats, very cool. Only Apple Valley i can recall was road trips for their fresh of the tree apple pie ala mode. Wonder what hoops one has to jump thru to get test done in covert state, illegal.

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Well Virginia is legal now medical and rec will be in 2024. I live in WV so I’m illegal but I live on the border :wink: and this testing facility is in VA. This was in Winchester VA