Blue dream auto grown outside

Going to try growing blue dream auto outside in fabric pots. Will 3 gallon pots be enough, and can I just leave these fabric pots outside in the elements only to shelter them in bad weather? Will direct sunlight on the bag effect the roots?

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Go 5 gal fab pots. And it should be fine.

O use fabric pots outside for my tomatoes they dry out pretty quickly so mite want to use bigger fabric pots and use some mulch on top of ur soil to keep moisture in and bugs out

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Well let me ask this, should I just put seeds in the conditioned soil to grow in the garden sans the pots?

I did that last year. It just looked like the plants were going to outgrow the bags. I put mine in my raised bed garden, plenty of conditioned soil. When I pulled up the plants after the grow I was surprised to see how far the roots extended, 3-5 feet. So my advice is condition your soil at least that far out. It going to be a great year! Good Luck.

Thank you for the advice, I like to put them right in the ground, but wanted to have a plant or two mobile so I could better control the conditions. I’ll go a little bigger bag if I do.

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I’ve had good luck with autos outside on my deck. I use 5 gallon fab bags. I like having them mobile.

Theres a lot to be said about mobility, and in the ground I"ll spread them out a little more. Thank you for the input, it helps to have support to fall back on.