Blue Dream Auto flowering time?

I am in the middle of growing my first Blue Dream Auto and I did a gorilla glue auto the same day. Now the gorilla glue went into flower at about 4-5 weeks from sprout. My blue dream is still in veg mode. They are both growing in the exact same tent under the exact same conditions. They are both at 8 weeks or 55 days. Do Blue Dream Auto take longer to flower than the gorilla glue autos? Or have I mistakenly been given female photo period seeds??? I have given a few out as gifts to friends and am concerned that they are not prepared for photo period strains. HELP PLEASE

Strain type has little to do with flowering times. Some autos are more stubborn than others and can take longer to flower. Autos generally flower some time between 4 and 9 weeks, but some can take a little longer.


Sounds like is just a little more stubborn to flower. This happens, and doesn’t necessarily mean you were given photoperiod seeds. I would just reduce your lights on time to 12 hours and flower them out.


Im not reducing times until the gorilla is done. That’s 6 hours less grow time everyday. Sorry I don’t have a set-up that let’s me move stuff around.

The Gorilla glue auto flowers so fast that it needs as much extra grow time as possible to get the most out of it. If the blue dream turns while the GG is finishing great but if it doesn’t then 12-12 after that. I just hope it’s the different strain or one wrong seed.

Just my experience with autos sometimes they need a little push to flower, as @dbrn32 stated an I believe @MrPeat has used 12/12 start to finish with amazing results


The plants use the dark hours to grow. We flower all of our photos in a 12/12 schedule and they grow just fine

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I have been growing straight 12/12 since I started. You can’t compare seeds because each one is unique to its own genetics.

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So opinion if you have to 12 12 your plants to flower they are not autos. Or at least not full autos. The whole point of an auto is to be able to keep the light schedule longer as they don’t grow as big. Now my gorilla glue auto all bought here have all started flowering by week 5, every time. No matter if I’m growing outside in summer or indoors the entire grow.
If you’re change your light schedule to get your plants to flower why not just buy photos get them to the size you want and 12 12 them?

Did yours start flower? Im going into week 7 on blue dream autos as well and nether have started.

I know this a an old thread but curious how it turned out? My thought was stress… do you defoliate at all? I had a Jack Herer that fell way behind the others and I’m pretty sure I stressed it. Some autos are very finicky and don’t like being messed with

I just harvested my first Blue Dream Auto plant, which went into flower 34 days after her initial bath. This was my first time with an auto.