Blue Dream Auto close to Harvest? Take a look- Feedback Appreciated!

Blue Dream Autoflower. Almost 10 weeks old. What do you think regarding these trisomes? Thanks for your input-




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Three weeks I say bud


You’re on the home stretch for sure. Lots of white pistils means shes still getting fatter.
A couple more weeks at least. 10 weeks is pretty young. Those estimates of flowing time are always short. And they are “Flowering” time only too. Meaning you start counting once they actually start flowering. So usually 3 to 5 weeks from seed for an autoflower.
You will love blue dream too. I have one in the tent right now.


Getting there. Week or two in my opinion.

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I want to try and get better/clearer pics of the trisomes so I can get feedback. I’m getting impatient! :grinning:

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The first ones are hard to wait on. Once you get some in jars and have a stash set back its easier to wait them out. But don’t get ahead of the plant. Give her the time she needs. Once it finally reaches maturity you have a good window of time to harvest. Not like an avocado that gets ripe and then in two days is rotten. Cannabis gives you plenty of time.


I agree and confirm with Spiney_norman’s points. Spot on.

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what a pretty plant

She is looking good. Still needs time to plump up.

I’m not comfortable giving advice about someone else’s ladies from a couple pics that aren’t of the best quality. Ur on track let the lady tell u herself, keep an eye on the trichs. When they get to the desired color ur looking for….it’s time!

Everyone gave you sound advice. In the window but another week or two wouldnt be bad idea for more amber

Ditto, check back after most of your pistils have turned.


Thanks for the tag, pics won’t load for me today for what ever reason, but it sounds like everyone has you covered on advice