Blue dream and blue haze are they different?

What’s the difference between blue haze and blue dream?

Different genetic history. Not the same at all.


Blue haze is a blueberry and amnesia haze cross and around 80% indica

Blue dream is blueberry and haze and is nearly 50/50 hybrid.

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Thanks. I’ve been trying to more info on growing blue haze but only blue dream comes up. I’m also growing blue cheese along with it. just trying to learn what this strain needs.

I’m definitely gonna try to get that blue color once they start flowering. how long should they be exposed to cold shock? will it happen at 60 degs?

Blue is a hard color to get its usually a light sinning on it in pics advertising ive yest to have blue i have had purps chocholates blacks peach pinks no blues

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Yeah, my Blue Dream is going purple. I’ve grown tons of Blueberry, they were never really blue either.

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SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. did you do anything special to get her to turn blue?

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I go water only for last 2 weeks before harvest, lets them show off their harvest colors. Green plants at harvest bore me.

Yea good flush and the will change i hear what your saying like where blue fruit gets its anthcynins they either go red or blue scale purple more red initiate and but color below 50 i belive is the blue anthocyanin to stop red an displsy blues

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“We have such sights to show you…” Sorry,stoned,seeing your avatar,thinking back to seeing the movie in the 80s…and then seeing your post about average colors bore you. Ok,now I’m scared.
I’m sorry.
BUT- I agree. I love beautiful fall colors expressed in the plant. I found this easiest indoors with coco,and outside is just a whole 'nutha topic…
Oops,edited because I forgot to mention I have been running BD clones for years-absolutely a staple in my garden. Yet I always wonder about the Blue Haze. Is it better than BD? Well,I’m gonna need a couple of pounds of bud to give a proper answer.

SL out.

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I always get some nice colors at harvest, but my prettiest girl is my Cherry Ice Cream.