Blue Cookies first time grow. LED FAIL



Are you talking about the discoloration in this photo? on those bottom leaves?



I battle heat everyday,the highest being 82 F., Thanks for my first official compliment on ILGM

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yep in that area was a few leaves with a shiny looking surface and later upon closer inspection i could feel blister like bumps. I removed a few of them and whats left are discolored and curled. It hasn’t gotten worse and it’s the biggest problem i have with them. And it’s a shame cause even though it’s the same as the other 3 it would be 9" taller if i didn’t tie down 4 main tops. The strain is a Indica sativa mix so i’m guessing that’s why it’s tall and not phat like the others


They look great to me I see a little splash where you may have gotten nutrients on the bottom leaves but that’s about it


Looking good what kind of light u using?

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my light is 600 w hps (ipower). Only problem with light is sometimes it doesn’t want to start, and that’s minor i guess as long as it keeps restarting .

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yep i’m a splasher when it comes to watering , it’s getting pretty crowded with new growth taking over. I’m in a 5x6x7 area and im running out of space with 4 plants. But that light has a good 4x4 coverage so far,but im only 2 weeks after 12/12 switch.

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Yeah next time i would look into a hortilux 600w hps i think they are better quality light ive nevr had a problem with mine. But they r more exspensive. Better par rating in the red i want to do 600w chps from hortilux it has so much red

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That is what i need.


kinda, yes, they all lack some green color.!
the close ups show the yellow’ish hints, kinda like N or Fe def,
try adding 1 tsp per gallon of Epsom Salt to your next watering.!
for the quickest uptake mix the salt good, get it all broke down,
i bet they will green up and look happier.!!

if 1 tsp/gal improves color/vigor,
i’d use 1/2 tsp every feeding after that for the next few weeks.

keep up the good work and be patient, don’t harvest too soon.!!


I’ll try it tomorrow thanks

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Right thinking this and 2 qbs in my tent


Good call on the epsom salt, color vigor and happiness for all. So what am i doing by adding epsom salt,is it for magnesium deficiency ?

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Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate,
u r now giving them extra S and Mg.!

glad to hear that they liked it.!!!

Sulfur helps produce chlorophyll, the food/energy for plants,
more chlorophyll and we get happier, hardier, faster growing plants.!

we call fertilizing ‘feeding’, but the sun feeds the plant, we provide the vitamins and minerals to make em healthier.!


I have a problem of yellow leaves with brown spots, the last couple days i been pulling out the damaged leaves. I thought after epsom salt they looked good but the yellowing continues. I see more from my pics on computer than looking at them live. Was wondering if i should stop adding epsom with every watering or continue 1/2 tsp per gal. My ph going in has been 6.5,and run off was hard to determine because it was so dark. I check my ph with the drops for now. I just couldn’t see any comparison it was so dark. @SlowOldGuy

All 4 of my plants now have this yellowing and browning going on.

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after just looking at my pics im gona guess nutrient burn. The last i added any was 2 days ago 3 tsp of Tiger Boom 2-8-4 and water only today with salt.


what r u feeding them and how often.?

r they on Tiger Bloom.?

how much Calcium r they getting.?

how much Phosphorous r they getting.?

cut down to 1/4 tsp/gallon Eps. Salt and probably add some Phosphorous.
maybe add some Fe to the diet, idk, can’t find FF’s guaranteed analysis.